Matt Draft is back on the podcast with an update on what he has been up to and some more rod building supplies and tips.

We find out how Matt built his business that doesn’t require any marketing. I also dig into some random questions that give us a feel for the how and why behind building a rod-building supplies business.

Rod Building Supplies with Matt Draft. Hit play below!

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Rod Building Supplies

Rod Building Supplies Show Notes with Matt Draft

2:50 – We look back to our episode back in 2018 which was episode 85.

3:37 – Matt gives an update on Proof Fly Fishing. He says they added a new video series with the title How to Restore a Bamboo Fly Rod.

Rod Building Supplies
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4:24 – He shares tips on restoring a bamboo rod and building one from scratch. More information on these can be found in the tutorials section on their website.

6:20 – I ask him how he figured out that restoring bamboo rods is the next step he wanted to take.

8:09 – He walks us through the steps of building your own rod. He recommends ordering or customizing a kit from their website and watching their video tutorials.

Rod Building Supplies
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10:15 – He breaks down the parts of building your own rod.

12:47 – He talks about the blanks which have the largest cost among their rod building supplies. One of his favorites is the Czech Nymph Blank.

Rod Building Supplies
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13:09 – He gives the two defining characteristics of a true Czech blank.


13:33 – He talks about cork grips. He also shares some of their new stuff, the carbon fiber handles and EVA grip.

Rod Building Supplies
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16:28 – We talk about other products from their website. One of these is the Gorilla Glue which is an unbelievable adhesive. They have a tutorial on using Gorilla Glue as a rod finish.

Rod Building Supplies
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21:00 – We dig into the usual blocks that people encounter when they are just starting out in building their own rods.

22:27 – I mention the Gink and Gasoline series where I found Matt.

23:06 – He gives some tips for those who are looking to get an affordable bamboo rod.

25:43 – He shares about their specialized tutorials.

27:13 – He talks about the process of building rods.

29:27 – He takes us back to building his company.

32:06 – He tells his species of choice.

32:40 – He recommends The Classic Fly Rod Forum that people can dig into to learn more about rod building.

33:08 – I ask about his plans for the company.

35:09 – I mention our episode with Joe Jackson on deer hair bugs.

35:37 – He shares his gratitude to the rod-building community for being generous with information and materials when he was just starting out in the business.

41:01 – He talks about his goal for this year.

42:20 – He shares how he runs and promotes his business.

45:06 – We talk about what music he listens to while building rods. He mentions the Counting Crows.

You can find Matt on Instagram @proofflyfishing

Facebook at Matt Draft (Proof Fly Fishing)

YouTube @proofflyfishing7358

Visit their website at

Proof Fly Fishing: Quality fly rod building supplies

Videos Noted in the Show


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Rod Building Supplies

Rod Building Supplies Conclusion with Matt Draft

It was great to hear from Matt again and his enthusiasm for rod-building is contagious. I’m definitely feeling motivated to finally build my own rod from the materials he sent me.

Check out their website for more rod-building supplies and tutorials!