Justin Spence from Big Sky Anglers is on the podcast today to break down Montana fly fishing and the seasons fishing west Yellowstone area.  We dig into all of the great resources and local fly shops in the area including Big Sky Anglers.

August is a great month to get out and hike in the park to get away from some of the crowds.  We also find out how to swing and skate an adult salmonfly with a trout spey rod.  Justin walks us through the step x step and where you should focus your next trip to Montana.


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montana fly fishing

Montana Fly Fishing Show Notes with Justin Spence

21:15 –  I noted the Deschutes Angler Podcast in episode 214 with Amy Hazel where Amy talked about fishing the spring hatches.  She noted to remember the other bugs even during the big salmonfly hatch.

25:00 – The compara buzz caddis pattern by Joe at Big Sky Anglers is a killer patern.

compara buzz


26:00 – The Missing Link by Mike Mercer who was on the podcast in episode 81 here.

30:15 – Kelly Galloup was on the podcast in two different episodes along with Mike Lawson who covered the Green Drake Hatch.  Trout Hunter is another big player in the area.

31:30 – Jack Dennis was on the podcast in episode 217 and broke down some history in fly fishing and how he became one of the most well known names in fly fishing.

33:30 – Here is the past episode in #57 with Justin who covered Argentina and DIY trips to South America.

justin spence
photo via: https://patagonianomads.com/


34:15 – Bob Jackalin’s fly shop is another wealth of information.  Trout Hunter purchased Bob Jackalins permit.

53:20- Mike lawson book, Fly Fishing the Henry’s Fork is a great resource.   You can listen to my podcast episode with Mike in episode 190.

55:00 – The trout spey event is coming back this year.

56:30 – I noted the OPST trout spey rod and the use for dry fly fishing.

1:03:00 – John McCloskey noted slowing down the fly and jigging the fly in episode 89 here.



You can find Justin at BigSkyAnglers.com

montana fly fishing



Top West Yellowstone rivers and Seasons

  1. Henry’s fork – June
  2. Madison River
  3. Firestone – First two weeks June
  4. Gallatin
  5. Lamar Valley


Montana Fly Resources Noted in the Show

The Missing Link Pattern


Fly Fishing the Henry’s Fork with Mike Lawson

fishing the henrys fork


Videos Noted in the Show

The Comparabuzz fly pattern by Joe Moore


Fly Fishing Yellowstone Hatches

montana fly fishing


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

justin spence

Montana Fly Fishing Conclusion with my guest

Justin Spence sheds some light on what it takes to prepare for some Montana Fly Fishing with a focus on West Yellowstone.  Justin talks about a season at West Yellowstone and some of his favorite techniques and tips.