Jen Ripple is on the podcast today to tell us some of the history of women in fly fishing.  Jen is the editor of Dun Magazine, the largest woman’s magazine on the planet.  Jen talks about the foundation of woman in fly fishing and where she’s going with Dun Magazine after Covid.

We get into the topic of woman and swimsuits and the affect on social media.  Find out why woman is the fastest growing demographic in fly fishing.


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Click here –>>>  Jen Ripple Podcast Transcript for the PDF transcript or scroll down to the bottom to read the transcript.


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Show Notes with Jen Ripple

02:50 – Fly Fishers International Magazine had a recent article written by Jen on the history of woman in fly fishing.

07:45 – Matt Smythe was on the Wet Fly Swing Podcast in Episode 137.  Matt talked about AFFTA and Covid.

10:10 – The Treatise of Fishing with an Angle Attributed to Dame Juliana Berners.  

15:00 – Jerry French the podcast in episode 139 to tell the intruder story and the history of NW spey fishing.

18:45 – Favorite Flies and Their Histories by Mary Orvis Marbury took over her dads fly business back in the day and had a huge influence on fly tying.

19:15 – Joan Wulff was on the podcast in episode 100.  Joan was the first female casting champion.

21:55 – The Dun Magazine is the only woman’s fly fishing magazine.

24:15 – I talked about Darcizzle who April interviewed here on Anchored.

27:15 – Dennis Isbister was on the podcast here to cover Pyramid Lake from Wild Fish Wild Places.


29:00 – Heather Hodson and United Woman on the Fly is a huge group for connecting woman around the country.

29:35 – The Orvis 50 50 On the Water Movement is a great plan to get more woman into fly fishing. 

32:30 – The Rip and hoppers road trip is Jen and Heather Hodson’s trip to connect woman on a DIY journey.

33:55 – Here’s the episode with the Ray Montoya on fly fishing the Middle East and Oman. 

37:15 – The Texas woman fly fishers and Jen’s crew will be able to hook you up if you are on a DIY adventure.

40:55 –  maxine mccormick plus fly girl global and March eyed brown dun on instagram where they tie all over the world.


You can find Jen at Dun Magazine here.


Resources Noted in the Show

Favorite Flies and Their Histories by Mary Orvis Marbury

favorite flies and their histories

the metaphysics of fly fishing


Dennis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places


Read the Full Transcript with Jen Ripple:

Click here:  Jen Ripple Podcast Transcript to get the Full PDF Transcriptf


jen ripple

Conclusion with Jen Ripple

We hear about some of the amazing history of women in fly fishing today with stories from Mary Orvis, Joan Wulff, and others who helped to grow fly fishing around the world.

We also dig into social media, woman and bikinis and the challenges of posting online these days.  Find out how to DIY your next redfish trip and what’s next for Jen Ripple.