Matt Callies in on the podcast today to describe how Loon is leading the way with some of their conservation minded products.  We hear about the companies he reports to and why he does what he does.

Lots of tangents including why Air Flo split from Echo Rods and what the life of a fly fishing rep really like.  Insider chatter and a few tips from my special guest this week.


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Click here –>>>  Matt Callies Podcast Transcript for the full transcript or scroll down to the bottom to read the transcript.


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Show Notes with the Matt Callies

06:43 – George Daniel was on the podcast here in episode 55 where we talked about the best way to get kids into fishing.

11:19 – IFTD has been postponed but is typically the biggest event for new fishing products. 

13:19 – Matt is the director of product development at Loon Outdoors.

14:05 – Loon Outdoors Fly Dip is one of the newer popular products that Matt developed and his super safe an environmentally safe.

15:22 – Jeremiah Hool or JeremiahSuperSpey on Instagram.

20:20 – Patagonia has been leading the way for quite a while on the conservation front.

24:45 – We talk about the movie 127 Hours and the guy who got his arm stuck and had to cut it off to escape.


27:30 – Abel Fly Reels is one of the companies that Matt Reps.

34:55Mariusz Wroblewski was on the podcast here and Pete Erickson was on the podcast here.  Both of these people were on the podcast from Echo. 

35:48 – The Mayfly Group purchased Air Flo Lines recently.

51:44 – Doug at AquaFlies has the Perpetrator which is a big beadhead soft hackle. 

54:20 – The Scott L2H 5 weight is a favorite for Matt.

1:03:24 – The Fly Shop in Redding and the Trinity Fly Shop with Herb are two great Trinity River resources.


You can find Matt at Loon Outdoors.


The Fly Fishing Companies Matt Callies Represents

  1. Abel Fly Reels
  2. Air Flo Fishing
  3. Air Lock Indicators
  4. Captuer Headwear
  5. Echo
  6. Firehole Hooks
  7. Loon Outdoors
  8. Ross Reels
  9. Scott Rods
  10. Trout Hunter

Resources Noted in the Show

Loon Outdoors Fly Dip

loon outdoors fly dip


Local Shop Spotlight

trinity fly shop

Herb at Trinity Fly Shop


Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

The Perpetrator Fly for Steelhead


Read the Full Transcript with Matt Callies:

Click here:  Matt Callies Podcast Transcript to get the Full PDF Transcript



loon outdoors

Conclusion with Matt Callies

We find out about the difference between the Sacramento River and the Trinity Rivers for steelhead and the one shop you should stop by if heading that way.   Matt talks about the companies he works with including his work as the sales manager for Loon Outdoors.