This is Episode 100!!! – I’m happy to share a chat I had with one of the greatest people in the history of fly fishing.  Joan Wulff shares her great story and how she came to make a life in fly fishing even before she met Lee Wulff.

We talk about how to double haul correctly, her first job with Garcia in the early days, how she toured the fly fishing show sequence, and how she built a fly fishing school that is still going strong today.


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Show Notes with Joan Wulff

06:40 – William Taylor was a mentor for Joan and the person that gave her most of her early style in fly casting.

10:52 – Monty Blue was a Silent Movie start and the person who helped Joan sell her fly casting program at the fly fishing shows.  Here’s a link to a silent movie Monty was in.

12:20 – See below for the photo of Joan in a dress vs how she was doing the casting sessions in hip waders.  Joan tells us how Monty Blue put together this idea in the early days to get her started.

12:30 – See below for the short shorts pic with Joan.  This is likely one of the most iconic photos in fly fishing and of Joan.

20:00 – The short movie – Autum Silver produced by Lee Wulff with Joan.

22:40 – Lee was the father of conservation in fly fishing and had many famous quotes including this one:  “Some fish are too valuable to be caught only once”

23:50 – Joan wrote a column for Fly Rod and Reel for many years.  Here is a link to an archive of Joan’s work.


28:10 – The yarn rod was a training tool that Lee invented to help people see there loop.  I used this rod teaching fly casting as a young person as well.  Here is a link to Echo’s yarn rod.

32:30 – The grooved handle with Winston was one of Joan’s ideas and a first of it’s kind.  The basic idea was that there were no handles at the time that fit womans smaller hands.

36:00 – The Dun Magazine with Jen Ripple is one product Joan is very proud to see in fly fishing.  I had Jen Ripple on the podcast in episode 60 here.

38:30 – We talk about how Maxine McCormick is one of the great young casters in fly fishing.  Here’s a video that tells here story. 

Here’s the New York Times Article.

45:25 – The Wet Fly Swing Facebook Group that I noted in the show.

46:38 – Joan Wulff’s documentary along with Lee Wulff’s documentary are being produced by Jeff Pill.  Here is a Mid Current Summary of the films.

47:50 – The Joan Wulff DVD has sold over 50,000 copies.   Joan Wulff Dynamics of Fly Casting.  It can be found at their Royal Wulff website.

48:20 – The Fly Fishing School is one project that Joan is very proud of and is still going strong today.


You can reach Joan at


Movies Noted in the Show

Monty Williams and a Silent Movie


Resources Noted in the Show

The Yarn Rod



Photos of Joan

joan wulff

joan wulff
photo via:


Conclusion with Joan Wulff

The amazing Joan Wulff shares her story in fly fishing and provides some nice tips along the way.  She won her first fly casting tournament at age 12 and went on to make a life in the sport.