Brandon Moon, founder of Moonlit Fly Fishing, is here to shed some light on fiberglass rods and furled leaders. Find out how these fiberglass rods give you a whole new experience with its features. We dig into some of their products and the new rods they’re working on that you can preorder today. We talk about the Tenkara rod – how it’s so easy to use, portable, and great for beginners.

Brandon shares how they acquired Leland and Tenkara, as well as their plans with these companies in the coming months. Brandon also shares how he meditates on a rowing machine and encourages us to find inner peace in our own way.


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fiberglass rods

FIberglass Rods Show Notes with Brandon Moon

05:13 – Brandon describes what a furled leader is like

10:25 – Head over to their website to learn more about furled leaders

12:00 – Brandon pays his respects to Mike, owner of Streamside Leaders who passed away last holiday season. Brandon mentions some other companies that produce furled leaders

13:26 – The Moonlit S Glass 2wt

fiberglass rods

18:01 – The local fly shop in Pocatello Idaho is the Snake River Fly Shop


19:11 – The main stem of the Snake river below American falls reservoir is on the top 10 smallmouth bass fishery

19:43 – They got some native cutthroat, brook trout, rainbows, browns, tiger trout, and some alpine tiger muskies in Idaho, etc.

22:04 – All Brandon’s nymphs are tied with soft hackle – he uses them 90% of the time

24:31 – Brandon describes what a Bonneville cutthroat looks like based on his experience

fiberglass rods

29:37 – The Nirvana Rotary Fly Tying Vise

30:24 – Moonlit Fly Fishing just released their waterproof seat cover

31:27 – They’re bringing out new graphite rods in the Nirvana brand and a new lineup of fiberglass – Brandon mentions some more products that they’re working on

31:54 – Moonlit purchased Leland Fly Fishing in April 2021 – they also own DragonTail Tenkara, one of the biggest tenkara companies in the world

32:31 – Brandon tells us why tenkara rod is great for beginners and how portable it is

37:34 – Brandon’s go-to nymph pattern is a purple pheasant tail soft hackle with a tungsten bead

40:00 – The Fiberglass Manifesto blog is a good resource to learn more about fiberglass rods – Cameron from Fiberglass Manifesto blog was on the podcast at WFS 088

43:04 – Brandon talks about his meditation routine and how he does it

47:00 – We find out where Brandon gets his soft hackles

47:36 – We did an episode about soft hackle with Steven Bird from Soft Hackle Journal at WFS 134

48:17 – We talk about tenkara and what it’s called in different places

50:22 – James Park from Red Truck Fly Fishing was on the podcast at WFS 246 – Brandon tells the story of how he bought Leland


You can find Brandon on Moonlit Fly Fishing

Instagram @moonlitflyfishing

fiberglass rods


Resources Noted in the Show

The Fiberglass Manifesto


Videos Noted in the Show


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Fiberglass Rods Conclusion with Brandon Moon

Brandon Moon and I talked about fiberglass rods and furled leaders. We found out how these fiberglass rods gives you a whole new experience with its features. We dug into some of their products and the new rods they’re working on. We talked about the Tenkara rod – how it’s so portable and easy to use. Brandon shared how they acquired Leland and Tenkara.