Click Play Below to listen to my interview with Elliott Adler – the host of the DrakeCast, one of the biggest fly fishing podcasts in the world.  Elliott recently announced that he is leaving the DrakeCast.

We talk about the media industry, his take on Team USA fly fishing, and how the Drakecast came to be.  It was fun to get his perspective on a number of issues in fly fishing and story telling.


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Show Notes with Elliott Adler

09:10 – I bring up Seth Godin again and about starting a ruckus.

11:40 – Simms company as a show sponsor of the cast and discussed in this episode.

13:05 – The Fly Fishing Collaborative article on at the Drake magazine.

14:00 – Steve Duda notes conservation as a topic on episode 38.

17:00 – Moldy Chum is one of Elliott’s goto resources in fly fishing.

18:05 – Elliott’s brother is a producer of the podcast Radiolab, one of the largest podcasts out there.

19:25 – In episode 47, John Gierach talks about a podcast only being as good as it’s guests.

22:35 – Tailer Trash was noted in the show

23:10 – The book Tribes by Seth Godin is one of my most influential books on creating a movement.

24:15 – Here’s a link to the DrakeCast interview with Tom Bie.


28:05 – Oliver White was part of the group at the beginning of a big movement to making fly fishing cool.

30:00 – Bad Fish or Fly Lords and the changing media landscape in fly fishing is discussed here.

32:00 – John Shewey was on in episode 16.

36:45 – I note how the NBA went through a rough time in the 1970’s and compared it to the USA Fly Fishing team.  Elliott has a strong opinion that you should listen to here.  He notes that it’s a visceral reaction and maybe not that constructive of a response.

47:15 – The Saltry Lake Lodge in Alaska – This is where Elliott spent some time guiding where he first broke into the “industry”.  He notes to go for the wilderness trip if you can.

58:50 – Elliott notes that the Hank Patterson episode of the Drakecast was the biggest one to date as far as downloads and listens.

1:05:30 – Check out John Mcmillon’s Instagram @rainforest_steel


You can follow Elliott on Instagram @cobaltjackson.


elliott adler



Conclusion with Elliott Adler

Elliot went into some great topics on this one.  We here him share some strong opinions about competition fly fishing, conservation and a few other big topics.  John Shewey noted in episode 16 that he feels sorry for people that don’t have a passion in their life.

It appears that Elliott has a lot of passion and a strong opinion so it was very refreshing to chat with him.  I hope you enjoy this one, I’m listening to it again for a second time.  Good luck Elliott and keep in touch!

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