Muskie Angling History
If you want to test your fishing skills against a tough fish, Musky fishing is for you. Have you ever wondered what gear to use to land a world-record musky? Today, we're hanging out with musky legend Larry Ramsell. Larry has been fishing for muskies for over 60 years and has some crazy stories. In this episode you will hear...
American Sportfishing Association
Today's episode focuses on an important organization that generates billions of dollars to protect our fish species. Join me as I chat with Connor Bevan, the Inland Fisheries Policy Manager at the American Sportfishing Association. Hear how partnerships on Capitol Hill shape the future of fish species preservation. Today, you will also find out how to lend your voice to...
global fishing
Join us in this fascinating episode as David Coggins, a celebrated author and seasoned angler, shares his global fishing adventures and the stories behind his latest book. Discover the allure of chasing elusive fish in exotic locations and how David merges his keen sense of style with the practical aspects of angling. Whether you're curious about the nuances of...
upper peninsula fishing
In this episode of the Great Lakes Dude podcast, we're gonna chit-chat and take a journey into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with Capt. Brad Petzke, owner of Rivers North Guide Service. Yes, it's still Michigan. Once you cross that big, long Mackinac bridge and head north from the Lower Peninsula, it almost seems like another state. Once you cross it, things start to get a little more wilderness, a lot less towns and cities and villages, and just a lot of water and opportunities to explore.
Adam Hudson is back on the show to take us into his unlikely boat build out story and how he took on this project and, and what happened, how he finished it up and where he is heading. Next, Adam And I debate the benefits of the drift boat versus the raft. We find out which raft he recently purchased that has a hard floor, and we also get his top streamer patterns from Blue Line. Plus, we're gonna hear what it was like to finally row this boat down the Green River. And whether it passed the test, the Battle of the Boats is finally here.
gary borger fly fishing
Gary Borger, the author of Nymphing, Naturals, and many other iconic fly fishing books, is here to share stories of an old angler and the tips he accumulated over the years of fly fishing around the world. We hear about who invented the double hall and how Gary is connected to that. We find out how he developed into the Fenwick fly fishing schools back in the 70s and how that was a major breakthrough back in the day. And we also find out how his first video was actually the first instructional fly-fishing video ever produced. Plus, we hear about the three types of lies that fish use while in the water, how to recognize them, and which of the two you need to focus on this year on the river to catch more fish.
Fly Fishing Pressured Waters
What do you do when your favorite spot is packed with other anglers or when you're navigating crowded rivers all day? Today we uncover expert tips on fly fishing pressured waters from Nick Conklin of Temple Fork Outfitters. Learn about choosing the perfect rod for your next adventure and find out why local shows are game-changers and the secrets behind...
golden gate casting club
Jim Dawson from the Golden Gate Casting Club shares the story.
Are you interested to know how to target one of the craziest hatches that will make national headlines this year? Today, Dave Zielinski is back on the podcast to give his best tips on fishing the cicada hatch. He will discuss how to predict when and where to find them and how to have success when you're out on the...
Mako Shark Fly Fishing
Try to imagine what a 200-pound shark hooked up on the end of your fly rod and jumping 20 feet out of the water would feel like. Hooking sharks on the fly is what today's guest specializes in. In this episode, Conway Bowman is going to take us into his wild world of mako shark fly fishing. Find out where...
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