Jeff Liskay is going to take us around the Great Lakes today. You’ll get the history of all the lakes, where to fish, and a heads up on this new podcast all in 20 minutes’ time for the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Dude #1 with Jeff Liskay. Hit play below!



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Jeff Liskay
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Great Lakes Dude #1 Show Notes with Jeff Liskay

01:10 – Jeff shares his personal journey into fishing, starting with a small bait and tackle shop in Lakewood, Ohio, called the Tackle Box.

He stopped every day after school and eventually started working there, scooping out minnows for small bait buckets of the perch anglers heading to Lake Erie.

03:20 – Jeff met his first two mentors while working at the Tackle Box.  He continued to add more mentors to his list over the years.

04:05 -Jeff started his guiding journey on Lake Erie before transitioning to fly fishing. His first fly fishing experience was on the Au Sable River in Michigan for trout, which left a lasting impression on him.

Jeff Liskay
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05:20 – If you’d like to share how you got the fishing bug, maybe from your grandfather, dad, mom, sibling friend, or even your mate, reach out to Dave at or Jeff so we can share your story with others, especially if it’s a way cool story.

05:28 – Jeff Liskay answers a common question: why did he choose to live in Ohio? He explains that being part of the Great Lakes fishing community is exciting because he can fish for various freshwater species and never run out of challenges.

06:12 – The Great Lakes region offers 11,000 miles of shoreline and 94,000 square surface miles of water for anglers to explore.

07:03 – The northern portion of the Great Lakes is remote and rugged, where Lake Superior starts and is known for the sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald on November 10, 1985. It spawned the Gordon Lightfoot song, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.


07:49 – The region also has many islands, some of which are home to a small caribou population. Isle Royale is a remote National Park Island surrounded by clear waters and other islands. It is an ideal destination for fishing and water activities and it is a dream come true for explorers.

09:56 – The St. Mary’s River offers a unique fishery with migratory trout and a chance to catch Atlantic salmon. Another interesting spot is the Garden River, which has an annual run of trout and salmon and a crossbreed of chinook and pink salmon.

11:00—The lower section of the St. Mary’s River has warm-water species like bass, walleye, musky, and pike. Georgian Bay is one of Jeff’s favorite fishing spots, with 3000 islands and home to a massive musky weighing 65 pounds and measuring 30.5 inches in girth.

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11:57 – Lake Huron has a robust population of migratory trout and salmon.

12:39 – Michigan is called the Mitten State because of its shape. Jeff has many fond memories of fishing on Lake Michigan and its tributaries, which offer great opportunities for fly fishing for species such as lake trout and carp.

15:30 – Lake St. Clair, sometimes referred to as the sixth Great Lake, is a productive warm-water fishery in the Midwest. Its gin-clear waters make it a great spot for sight fishing.

It is home to every warm-water species and has one of the largest populations of muskies over 40 inches in the US.

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19:08 – East of Lake Erie, the Niagara River offers a unique fishing experience with its powerful water and the world-famous falls as a backdrop. Lake Ontario offers trophy trout and salmon fishing in untouched areas where warm water species are rarely seen.

The Salmon River, located on the far east end of Lake Ontario, is a shining star for fly fishing, with clear waters and a chance to catch Atlantic salmon in the summertime.

You can find Jeff on Instagram @greatlakesdude

Visit his website at Great Lakes Fly Fishing

Jeff Liskay

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Jeff Liskay
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Great Lakes Dude #1 Conclusion with Jeff Liskay

Jeff will be leading us on this journey all year long, so we hope you enjoy this, get a better connection to your home waters, and have better fishing next time you’re on the water. We can tell you this as a listener now, we can’t wait for Jeff to knock this out.