fishing finland
Jani Himanko is here to talk about fishing Finland and give us amazing options and resources on your next trip there. We find out who the other European lodges that run drift boats are. We also get a feel for this lodge and the restaurant that is literally on the river. We get an insight into the European Hall...
In this episode of Ask a Pro, we catch up with Adam Cuthriell from FishHound Expeditions, to talk about Alaska rainbow trout fishing.
Catskills fly fishing
Ready to explore the world of Catskills fly fishing? In today's episode, John Shaner takes us into the Catskills area and describes the flies, the people, and the history of these famous waters. We also dig into some of the famous hatches of the East, and we get a full scoop on the people, the places, and what makes this...
James Thull from Montana State University talks about what they have going at MSU Library, home of the world's largest collection of books on trout and salmon.
trout unlimited canada
Lesley Peterson, Conservation Director of Trout Unlimited Canada, talks about her involvement with the Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club and Trout Unlimited Canada, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Our stillwater guru, Phil Rowley, sits down with Nico Sunseri of Pyramid Fly Co. to take us to Pyramid Lake fly fishing. Nico shares his extensive knowledge of the area, giving us insight into the unique fishing techniques that work best on this North American stillwater.
Fly Fishing Museum
Alen Baker is here to take us to the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians. We discover who some of the most famous people are in this region and why they have a drift boat in the museum.
dumb luck and the kindness of strangers
John Gierach, the author of the book Dumb Luck and the Kindness of Strangers, is back on the podcast to dig back into some of his amazing books. We find out from John what makes a good guide. We also learn about how much a fly rod loves a dry fly, what rejection feels like, and how he deals with...
Jeff Liskay
Jeff Liskay is going to take us around the Great Lakes today. You'll get the history of all the lakes, where to fish, and a heads up on this new podcast all in 20 minutes' time for the Great Lakes.
trout spey fishing
Tim Flagler is back on the Swing to break out some of his magic, focusing on trout spey fishing. With his years of experience and knowledge, Tim discusses the best lines and rods for this style of fishing and how to present the fly to the fish.
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