In todays video I show you how to tie the Suskwa Poacher.  This was noted by Jack Mitchell in episode 2 of the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast (link below). This is a great winter steelhead fly in the egg sucking variety.

I noted the link to the trailer hook video so here it is:  How to Tie a Stinger Hook on a Shank


Click here to watch the Skunk Video Tutorial:


The Suskwa Poacher Material List

Thread:  6/0 Uni Thread Black (click here to purchase)  and 6/0 Hot Orange Uni

Shank:  45 mm Waddington

Trailer Wire:  Senyo’s Intruder Trailer Wire

Hook:  Gamkatsu Octopus Size #4

Rear Bump:  Pink Medium Chenille

Rear Station:  Black Marabou, Blue Flashabou 6915, Gold Flashabou 6906

Body: Pearl Krystal Flash

Front Bump:  Pink medium chenille

Front Station:  Purple Marabou, Green/Brown Flashabou 2016, Blue Flashabou 6915

Front Hackle:  KingFisher Blue Schlappen

Head:  Hot Pink Medium Chenille

Eyes:  Large Bead Chain Eyes

(If you’d rather I send you the entire package of materials please email here:



Click here to listen to the Podcast with Jack Mitchell.




suskwa poacher

Conclusion for the Suskwa Poacher

This is a classic winter steelhead pattern that has it’s unique spin.  The thin flashy body is good, the bumps are easy and the sparse fly will sink.  You can add heavier dumbell eyes to get it down more or less.

Leave a comment if you have fished this fly.  Would love to hear a story or see a pic!

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