great lakes steelhead
Our main man, Jeff Liskay, is going to take a deep dive into how to build a roadmap to success when chasing Great Lakes steelhead and salmon.
Steve Potter is here today to dig into deer hair poppers and walks us through the steps in choosing the right hook for the next fly you're about to tie.
fishing europe
Bas Van Dam is here to take us around fishing Europe and how he has done this living out of his van. We dig into the different parts of Europe that allow this. We get a bunch of huge tips like how to find cheap houses that you can stay at that are under the radar, what the Dolomites, Italy...
Fly Fishing Museum
Alen Baker is here to take us to the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians. We discover who some of the most famous people are in this region and why they have a drift boat in the museum.
west yellow stone fly fishing
Bob Jacklin, the founder of Jacklyn's Fly Shop, is here today to share stories of his 50+ years of fishing, guiding, and teaching in the West Yellowstone area.