I’ve been getting a few questions from some on how to setup and post your #flytyingchallenge30 fly tying photos on Instagram.  If you haven’t seen the challenge you can click here to check it out.

I’ve really enjoyed connecting with everyone and we are only getting started.  I’ve been posting a new video everyday as well as my own little personal challenge.


Setup and Post your Fly Tying Photos on Instagram

  1.  Sign up for Instagram if you haven’t already completed that step.  click here and take a look at a quick video.


2.  After you have created an account and signed into Instagram you will need to post all photos on your phone.  Although there are programs that allow you to post via your desktop if you want to dig into that.  You can check out Gramblr.com for more information on using your desktop.


3.  See the first iphone screenshot below that shows you which button to push to publish your first photo.



4.  After you click on the plus symbol the next screen will allow you to add a photo from your phone.  Click next after adding a photo (see photo below):



5.  After choosing the photo in step 4, you next need to write a caption and then click share.  Make sure to use the hashtag:  #flytyingchallenge30 so that everyone can see your fly pattern.

You can also add other # tags that relate to your pattern.  For example, if you were posting a euro nymph, you might use #euronymph, #flyfishing, #nymphing, etc.



6.  That’s all there is to it.  Send me a message here if you still have questions.  Let me know if a video would be helpful.  Click on the link below if you want to join the fly tying challenge!

Click Here to Join the Fly Tying Challenge