I take a look at the Fly Trap Fly Holder in today’s video.  The Fly Trap is a handy way to hold leader, flies and anything else that you can attach like zippers and nippers.  If you love going light then this might be one product you’ll love.


Click here to watch the Fly Trap Fly Holder video:


You can find the Fly Trap Fly Holder here and see additional details and videos for this cool product.

You can find the fly trap holder on Orvis as well as a short video on another model from Tighlines Productions here.


fly trap fly holder
From http://flytrapflyholder.com/


In the video above I show you how to use the fly trap including unhooking the bottom leader section to interchange with another fly holder if needed.  I also show you how to unhook the top clip to exchange the fly holder if needed.


fly trap fly holder


Fly Trap Fly Holder Conclusion

The Fly Trap is a very handy product that can be used as a addition to your fishing vest or as a stand alone product if you want to go light.

I will be using this for summer steelhead fishing for sure as a little leader, clippers and a few flies is about all you need for a evening swing.