Mississippi valley conservancy
Join us as we explore the enchanting Driftless Area, where conservation meets agriculture, and the past informs the future. Our guest, Carol Abrahamzon, Executive Director at Mississippi Valley Conservancy, shares her remarkable transition from nursing to farming and her eventual foray into conservation work. Discover the beauty of this unique region as we discuss how farmers are using sustainable practices to ensure their lands thrive for generations. Carol unveils the significance of conservation easements in preserving these precious ecosystems and the extraordinary efforts to maintain biodiversity through stream protection and buffer strips.
Lucas Bissett joins us today to discuss the AFFTA Confluence 2023 event, providing an exciting insight into the changes it brings this year. Among the highlights is the introduction of real-time census data providing a more accurate snapshot of the industry's growth.
Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/242 My old friend Greg Collett is here to share the story behind his move to the jungles of Ecuador and why he's dedicated his life to conserving the native peoples of his home for the last 10 years.
streamers for brown trout
Brian Kozminski, headman at True North Trout, is here today to shed some light on fishing streamers for brown trout. We find out the best times to go fishing in Manistee River, MI. We talk about TFO rods - Brian tells us the types of rods he uses for each season and his go-to flies. We learn how we...
Discover the intricate connections between droughts, fishing, and the colors of fall as we journey through the captivating Shenandoah Valley with our guest, Mark Frondorf, the Shenandoah River Keeper. With fascinating anecdotes and insightful discussions, we promise to open your eyes to the impacts of climate change on natural habitats and recreational passions like fly fishing. As part of the Potomac Riverkeeper Network, our conversation also illuminates the essential role of litigation and public engagement in safeguarding our precious waterways.
save the boundary waters
Join us for an awesome episode as we catch up with Riverhorse - an angler, writer, filmmaker, musician, surfer, and Patagonia Fly Fish Ambassador. Having been on our podcast twice before, we'll delve into his recent film projects with Patagonia and his other exciting ventures. We discover how you can contribute to preserving the Boundary Waters through SaveTheBoundaryWaters.org.
caddis hatches
Looking to up your game on caddis hatches? We have Craig Mathews to share his expertise on caddis flies and their history today on the Swing!
wood river land trust
Discover the confluence of fly fishing and conservation as Cory from the Wood River Land Trust shares his transformative journey from athlete to aquatic ecology ambassador. Hooked by his family's legacy and the allure of steelhead on the Deschutes River, Cory's tale weaves through the challenges of balancing wildlife habitat preservation with agricultural demands while spearheading river programs that go beyond the typical scope of land trusts. As we cast our conversation net, we reel in the complexities of the Big Wood River's ecosystem, the tales of triploid fish, and the enchanting origins of the red-band trout.
American Sportfishing Association
Today's episode focuses on an important organization that generates billions of dollars to protect our fish species. Join me as I chat with Connor Bevan, the Inland Fisheries Policy Manager at the American Sportfishing Association. Hear how partnerships on Capitol Hill shape the future of fish species preservation. Today, you will also find out how to lend your voice to...
trout unlimited canada
Lesley Peterson, Conservation Director of Trout Unlimited Canada, talks about her involvement with the Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club and Trout Unlimited Canada, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.
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