Madison Lauterbach, founder and editor of Ms. Mayhem, is here today to talk about their movement to empower women, oppressed individuals, marginalized people, etc. – those who are struggling to fit in any industry. In a project called Casting Forward, they produced 5 short films covering topics and issues such as women’s fly fishing, gear, conservation, safety, and inclusion, featuring women individuals who are making an impact to different industries inside and out. Their mission is to unite people in diversity and eliminate all forms of discrimination. 

This is definitely one of the must-listens and a great cause to take part in. Let’s dive right in and hit that play button.


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women's fly fishing

Women’s Fly Fishing Show Notes with Madison Lauterbach

04:30 – Madison was into snowboarding before she got into fly fishing

06:15 – Madison started Ms. Mayhem, a Denver based online news outlet, in May 2020 -they predominantly focus on stories about women in male-dominated industries, fields, and other marginalized communities

08:15 – Casting forward is the end product of what they referred to as the fly fishing project – it is a premier event and a digital journalism package. They’re having this event on May 18, 2022, where they will showcase 5 videos that they produced

women's fly fishing

09:45 – The event will be in person but also available virtually

11:30 – Head over to to check out more of what they have going that aren’t seen in videos

16:00 – Madison talks about their video about women’s safety called, Fishing in a Man’s World


women's fly fishing

19:30 – Their first video is about 14 mins long and it’s called, River Revolutionaries – about 3 women in the fly fishing industry that are making an impact inside and out and they cover women’s gear as well

women's fly fishing

21:30 – Another video they have is about 12 mins long called, Intangible – talks about how women affect the climate change and conservation, and how they’re passing education to the next generation

women's fly fishing

23:30 – Madison talks about scrapping the size chart

24:45 – Madison got an Adams Built waders for his friend and they fit great – Adams Built is doing some good things for the fly fishing community

26:30 – Shout out to the President and CEO of Adams Built, Mont Adams and a virtual high five to my buddy, Denis Isbister – he was on the podcast back in Feb 2020

27:30 – Madison talks about the amazing team they have at Ms. Mayhem

33:00 – Madison makes a point to start caring about other people that are facing oppression and have disabilities – make them feel they belong and always welcome

38:50 – We talk about the Scope of Inclusion, a 20 mins long video about marginalized people or groups out there – how they can get more involved in fly fishing and the outdoor community in general

women's fly fishing

44:15 – The fifth video is called, Past The Rack and is about 8 mins long – it’s about the other side of the industry and more about women’s gear, and their experience with finding gear that fits

women's fly fishing

47:55 – Madison shares a tip on connecting my kids to the outdoor in a way that enlightens them

50:00 – Madison gives a big shoutout to her team for the awesome work and dedication

51:55 – I mentioned the Jared from the Flylords Magazine – he was on the podcast at WFS 164


You can find Ms. Mayhem on Instagram @msmayhem_mag

Website at

women's fly fishing


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women's fly fishing

Women’s Fly Fishing Conclusion with Madison Lauterbach

Madison and the Ms. Mayhem team are doing great things for all communities around the world. Even if the issues they discuss do not directly affect us, we should still care because people are people and we all want to feel comfortable in whatever community we choose to belong to.

This will benefit the next generation of people – our children and children’s children. I know we hear this a lot but we really should start thinking about our actions – how it affects people around us and help a person out coming new to whatever industry we are in. That new person could be you, so how do you want to be welcomed? It’s as simple as, treat others the way you want to be treated.