Uncover the secrets of thriving bay ecosystems and the art of fishing with our insightful guest, Allan Berger, Chair at San Antonio Bay Partnership Inc. and passionate advocate for the conservation of San Antonio Bay. Set sail with us on an auditory voyage where we paint the rich tapestry of the bay's geography, from the marshlands to the barrier island of Matagorda. This episode promises to immerse you in the natural splendor of the Mid-Texas coast and the cherished traditions it supports, all while emphasizing the urgent need to balance human pursuits with nature's delicate rhythms.
wood river land trust
Discover the confluence of fly fishing and conservation as Cory from the Wood River Land Trust shares his transformative journey from athlete to aquatic ecology ambassador. Hooked by his family's legacy and the allure of steelhead on the Deschutes River, Cory's tale weaves through the challenges of balancing wildlife habitat preservation with agricultural demands while spearheading river programs that go beyond the typical scope of land trusts. As we cast our conversation net, we reel in the complexities of the Big Wood River's ecosystem, the tales of triploid fish, and the enchanting origins of the red-band trout.
cuyahoga river
Embark on a journey of environmental triumph and angling adventure as we explore the Cuyahoga River's spectacular comeback, guided by the expertise of Mike Durkalec, aquatic biologist and fishing report hero. Discover how this once fiery river became a success story of ecological restoration, propelling forward thanks to the Clean Water Act and concerted community efforts. Dive into our discussion about the significance of dam removals, and witness the river's rebirth through improved water quality, enhanced biodiversity, and the return of thriving aquatic life.
one percent for the planet
Prepare to be captivated as we journey into a world that combines the thrill of the outdoors with a passion for conservation. This episode offers an intriguing dialogue with Craig Mathews and the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard; unraveling their love for fly fishing, their unique backstories, and their shared principles around the sport and beyond. Yvon, introduced to fly fishing by an esteemed mountain guide, will leave you gripped with his narrative, from his shift from spin fishing, to a sneak peek into their upcoming book, and their fervor for conservation in the fishing industry.
Lucas Bissett joins us today to discuss the AFFTA Confluence 2023 event, providing an exciting insight into the changes it brings this year. Among the highlights is the introduction of real-time census data providing a more accurate snapshot of the industry's growth.
Bajio Sunglasses
Today, it's all about eyewear and fishing with none other than the genius behind Bajio Sunglasses, Al Perkinson.
Discover the intricate connections between droughts, fishing, and the colors of fall as we journey through the captivating Shenandoah Valley with our guest, Mark Frondorf, the Shenandoah River Keeper. With fascinating anecdotes and insightful discussions, we promise to open your eyes to the impacts of climate change on natural habitats and recreational passions like fly fishing. As part of the Potomac Riverkeeper Network, our conversation also illuminates the essential role of litigation and public engagement in safeguarding our precious waterways.
redeye bass
Matt Lewis of Redeye Bass Fly Fishing shares his insights on redeye bass and their vital conservation efforts in the Native Fish Coalition to preserve its native population. We will also uncover the unique characteristics of redeye bass, their habitat preferences, and the exciting pursuit of the Redeye Slam. Show Notes with Matt Lewis on Redeye Bass. Hit play below!...
Native Fish Coalition
Today we dive into the fascinating world of fishery science and conservation with James Suleski of the Pennsylvania Native Fish Coalition. James is on a mission to bridge the gap between anglers and fisheries scientists. We explore the intricate challenges faced by native brook trout, like climate change and the impact of invasive brown trout. Tune in to learn more about the strategies, misconceptions, and hopes for protecting these precious aquatic inhabitants.
In this milestone episode, we talk about the Klamath Dam Removal with Ann Willis. Ann shares her incredible conservation journey, starting from a 6-day white water raft trip. We explore the unique characteristics of the Klamath River, the catalyst for conservation efforts following a devastating fish kill, and the ambitious goals set by American Rivers for dam removal across the nation.
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