When the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee mingles with tales of riverside camaraderie, you know it’s time to pull up a chair and pour yourself a cup. That’s exactly what we did with Joe from Anglers Coffee, stirring up a conversation as hearty as their newest Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout coffee blends. As we took a virtual tour of Anglers Coffee’s eventful year, Joe spilled the beans on the dynamics between specialty Arabica and robust Robusta, and the launch of their high-octane Stimulator blend. We also got the inside scoop on their latest splash at the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival and the buzz around the upcoming show in Edison, New Jersey.

Show Notes with Joe Monaghan – Anglers Coffee. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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anglers coffee
anglers coffee

Amidst the winter chill, there’s nothing like the promise of a hopeful steelhead run to warm the spirits of anglers braving Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. In this spirit, I shared my own winter fishing tales and the reflective art of fly tying, drawing a parallel to the craft of brewing the perfect cup. We explored the trade-offs between the purity of freshly ground beans and the convenience of K-Cups and steeping pouches, all while keeping sustainability at the forefront. Wrapping up the episode, we circled back to a previous conversation about the heartwarming work with foster children, and the importance of supporting such causes through our communities. Join us for this episode where we celebrate the fusion of coffee, fishing, and the shared values that keep our streams—and our cups—overflowing.

anglers coffee

Episode Chapters – Anglers Coffee

(0:00:05) – Updates and Events for Anglers Coffee
Joe reflects on brand growth, customer appreciation, and new blends resonating with the fly-fishing community.

anglers coffee

(0:13:51) – Winter Fishing and Coffee Options
Nature’s challenges of winter fishing, still water fishing, coffee brewing methods, sustainability efforts, new products, and commitment to conservation.

anglers coffee

(0:23:11) – Podcast Call to Action with Jess Westbrook
Revisiting impactful work for foster children, thanking Joe for coffee, and excitement for the upcoming Edison, New Jersey show.

anglers coffee

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anglers coffee
Photo Courtesy of Dylan Taillie

Conclusion – Anglers Coffee

In our chat with Joe from Anglers Coffee, we really dug into the stuff that makes life rich – from the smell of freshly ground coffee to swapping tales by the riverside. We got the lowdown on their latest coffee blends, the buzz from fishing festivals, and even dove into the nitty-gritty of Arabica versus Robusta. As winter’s chill set in, we shared our own fishing stories, mused about fly tying, and debated the pros and cons of brewing methods. Sustainability was in the spotlight, too, from the purity of grinding beans to the ease of K-Cups. But it wasn’t just about the coffee and fishing; we circled back to the heartwarming work with foster kids and how important it is to rally for such causes in our communities. So, this episode is a salute to more than just good coffee and a good catch—it’s about the warmth in shared values that keep our cups and streams brimming. Cheers to the blend of coffee, fishing, and the real, angler stories that make it all come alive!