redeye bass
Matt Lewis of Redeye Bass Fly Fishing shares his insights on redeye bass and their vital conservation efforts in the Native Fish Coalition to preserve its native population. We will also uncover the unique characteristics of redeye bass, their habitat preferences, and the exciting pursuit of the Redeye Slam. Show Notes with Matt Lewis on Redeye Bass. Hit play below!...
Costa Del Mar Conservation
Joe Gugino of Costa Del Mar takes us into the conservation work they've been focusing on to protect the species we love. We find out where Joe's passion for striped bass comes from, what the American Saltwater Guides Association has going on right now, and how Planet Purpose Solutions is helping Costa fulfill their vision in conservation. Taking the glare off...
henry's fork foundation
Brandon Hoffner of the Henry's Fork Foundation (HFF) is here to take us to one of the conservation groups leading the way on the Henry's Fork South Fork of the Snake in this amazing part of the country. We find out why water use is the number one topic that Brandon is focusing on in his work. We discover which...
Alex Czayka is here with us today to give us a glimpse into Western Reserve Land Conservancy. We find out how Alex's journey into fly fishing and his passion for the outdoors led him to a career in conservation.
trout unlimited canada
Lesley Peterson, Conservation Director of Trout Unlimited Canada, talks about her involvement with the Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club and Trout Unlimited Canada, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Lucas Bissett joins us today to discuss the AFFTA Confluence 2023 event, providing an exciting insight into the changes it brings this year. Among the highlights is the introduction of real-time census data providing a more accurate snapshot of the industry's growth.
dirtbag series
Today, we're stoked to have Fitz Cahall, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Duct Tape Then Beer, on our show. He's here to talk about his incredible podcast, The Dirtbag Diaries, and all the inspiring content they produce. We'll also dig into all the amazing work that they do at Duct Tape Then Beer. So, sit back, relax, and...
leave no trace
Peter Murry and Gary Huey share the 7 Leave No Trace Principles to explore the outdoors sustainably and how we can all be a solution to conservation.
American Sportfishing Association
Today's episode focuses on an important organization that generates billions of dollars to protect our fish species. Join me as I chat with Connor Bevan, the Inland Fisheries Policy Manager at the American Sportfishing Association. Hear how partnerships on Capitol Hill shape the future of fish species preservation. Today, you will also find out how to lend your voice to...
What happens when life throws you a curveball? Our guest today was a skateboarder living the dream. Then, BAM! A car accident forces him to ditch the board. Fred Campbell is here to tell us how this plot twist turned Fred into an outdoor guru and the mastermind behind Hooké, one of Canada's hottest outdoor brands. Fred will give us a...
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