Mississippi valley conservancy
Join us as we explore the enchanting Driftless Area, where conservation meets agriculture, and the past informs the future. Our guest, Carol Abrahamzon, Executive Director at Mississippi Valley Conservancy, shares her remarkable transition from nursing to farming and her eventual foray into conservation work. Discover the beauty of this unique region as we discuss how farmers are using sustainable practices to ensure their lands thrive for generations. Carol unveils the significance of conservation easements in preserving these precious ecosystems and the extraordinary efforts to maintain biodiversity through stream protection and buffer strips.
Bonefish & Tarpon Trust
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to reel in a massive tarpon? Or perhaps you're curious about the critical factors in preserving bonefish, tarpon, and permit populations? Today, we dive deep into conservation with Mark Rehbein from the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. Join us as we unravel why these three species are important for conservation efforts and...
wood river land trust
Discover the confluence of fly fishing and conservation as Cory from the Wood River Land Trust shares his transformative journey from athlete to aquatic ecology ambassador. Hooked by his family's legacy and the allure of steelhead on the Deschutes River, Cory's tale weaves through the challenges of balancing wildlife habitat preservation with agricultural demands while spearheading river programs that go beyond the typical scope of land trusts. As we cast our conversation net, we reel in the complexities of the Big Wood River's ecosystem, the tales of triploid fish, and the enchanting origins of the red-band trout.
Conservation guests and partners you can support! Trout Unlimited    Susitna River Coalition  
Uncover the secrets of thriving bay ecosystems and the art of fishing with our insightful guest, Allan Berger, Chair at San Antonio Bay Partnership Inc. and passionate advocate for the conservation of San Antonio Bay. Set sail with us on an auditory voyage where we paint the rich tapestry of the bay's geography, from the marshlands to the barrier island of Matagorda. This episode promises to immerse you in the natural splendor of the Mid-Texas coast and the cherished traditions it supports, all while emphasizing the urgent need to balance human pursuits with nature's delicate rhythms.
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