Alex Czayka is here with us today to give us a look into Western Reserve Land Conservancy.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy with Alex Czayka. Hit play below!



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Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Show Notes with Alex Czayka

02:30 – Alex’s shared how fly fishing took root during his late teens in Northeast Ohio, where his background in hunting and fishing farm ponds evolved into a passion for fly fishing, thanks to the influence of his brother.

04:00 – Alex’s journey into conservation started with a biology degree at Kent State for his undergraduate studies, followed by obtaining a Master of Science in Wetland Ecology from SUNY Brockport.

His love for the outdoors and desire to turn his passion into a career led him to roles at Nature Conservancy and Western Reserve Land Conservancy.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy

06:23 – We hear the distinctions between Alex’s experiences at Nature Conservancy and Western Reserve Land Conservancy.

08:29 – We hear the story of the Cuyahoga River, known for catching fire, which tarnished Cleveland’s reputation and led to the implementation of significant environmental regulations.

10:27 – Alex discusses the major challenges in natural resource conservation that we are currently facing and provides insights into their work.

21:00 – Alex tells us about some of the projects they have been involved in. He highlights a recent partnership with Lake Metroparks.

26:37 – Alex discusses their conservation efforts targeting specific species, such as the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake.

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32:18 – The Western Reserve Land Conservancy, with over 50 employees, stands as one of the largest land trusts in the United States.


43:30 – According to Alex, Ohio boasts a robust hunting and fishing culture, with Lake Erie notably yielding an impressive stock of walleye.

44:40 – The significance of steelhead was also highlighted in our recent episode with Dan Pribanic of Chagrin River Outfitters, who mentioned their importance for local businesses like his shop.

51:12 – Alex is a big fan of the MeatEater Podcast.

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Visit their website at Western Reserve Land Conservancy

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Conclusion with Alex Czayka

And that’s a wrap of our conversation with Alex Czayka from Western Reserve Land Conservancy. It’s inspiring to see how a love for fishing and the great outdoors can lead to such impactful conservation work. Makes you wonder, what other hidden stories of connection between hobbies and careers are out there?