Margaret Stern from Susitna River Coalition walks us through their mission to protect and support the 312-mile-long, free-flowing, Susitna River. We find out why the construction of the massive Susitna dam and the West Susitna access road projects should be stopped – what its long-term effect would be on the watersheds, wildlife, local economies, and fish.

Why should we be concerned about these issues and what we can do to support this movement? Let us come together and take action as we discover the truth about these exploitation projects in Alaska.

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Susitna River Coalition Show Notes with Margaret Stern

04:30 – Margaret currently lives in Talkeetna, Alaska – it’s perched right where 3 rivers meet – Susitna, Talkeetna, and Chulitna.

06:00 – Talkeetna is a small town with only about 800 people living there

susitna river

07:45 – Susitna Watershed drains the 4th largest area in the state of Alaska and it’s the 15th largest river in America.

13:15 – Margaret talks about their Susitna-Watana Dam project – why it’s unnecessary and why it should be stopped.

susitna river coalition

17:10 – We learn more about the West Susitna Access Road project – what its long-term effect would be on the watersheds, wildlife, and fish.

susitna river coalition

22:10 – Signing up for their newsletter is a good way to get updated on their project’s progress and status.


24:00 – We had an episode with Ted Manning from Patagonia at WFS 345

30:30 – Susitna River Coalition is the only local environmental and conservation nonprofit organization in the Susitna Valley. They work with Trout Unlimited and other organizations that are on a conservation mission in Alaska.

36:30 – Margaret noted the Susitna Basin Recreational Management Plan which is currently on revision.

susitna river coalition

37:10 – Adam from FishHound was on the podcast in episode 324

You can find Susitna River Coalition on Instagram @susitnarivercoalition

Check out their website to learn more about their projects at

susitna river coalition

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