WFS 010 – Skeena River Steelhead with Rob Bryce – Fly Fishing the Morice, Bulkley, Kispiox

skeena river steelhead
Photo from FishnBC on Instagram.

In episode 010 of the fly fishing show I interviewed Rob Bryce to talk about fly fishing the Skeena system.  We covered the Morice River, Bulkley River as well as the Babine River and the Kispiox River.

We covered how to fish the Morice in depth, talked about steelhead life histories as well as some great stories about the Babine River.  Also I tell one of my personal stores about how we dropped into the Babine Canyon for the adventure of a lifetime.


Click below and listen to the Skeena River episode with Rob Bryce:

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Show Notes for Skeena Fly Fishing

07:55 – Rob uses the T14 and 5 foot MOW Tips on most days swinging flies

09:00 – We cover in detail how to fish the Morice River

12:10 – Tips on fishing and finding the seems in higher water

13:40 – The tail-outs are key for dry flies because of lower water

18:40 – The Rio Slick Shooter and compact skagit lines are Rob’s go to’s

24:00 – Best time to fish the mainstem Skeena River also an area to get away from the crowds.

28:45 – Rob talks about the foam fly which is his goto foam fly

33:50 – I discuss our remote Babine trip into the canyon

34:40 – The Quality Waters Strategy now allows non residents to fix during the week only

36:40 – Big Red was a guy who helped me on the Skeena

49:10 – Simon Gawesworth interview

50:00 – Noel Gyger’s website gives some local information on the Skeena

51:00 – Tyee test fishery site to keep track of fish numbers


You can reach Rob Bryce by going to this link: Instagram at fishnBC  or by sending him an email.

skeena river steelhead
Photo from FishnBC on Instagram.


I wanted to give a big thanks to Rob for coming on to provide all of the great tips an information on the Skeena Basin.  I am planning another trip out there so very excited to meet Rob in person and swing a few flies.

Click the link above if you have a question for Rob or send me a message and I’ll get back to you.

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How to Tie an Ultra Fast Steelhead Fly with the Fair Flies Brush


In today’s fly tying video I show you how to use the fly tying brush.  This fly brush allows you to tie an intruder like fly about as fast as humanly possible.  This is because it just takes 1 wrap of material and you’re done.

Fair Flies is also ethically sourced and a great company to support.  Check out the video below to see how easy it is.


Click here to see the Fair Flies steelhead brush:


If you want to check out more of the brushes head on over to to see what colors they have to offer.

Take a look below to here more of the Fair Flies story.


fair flies

Click this link to read about the full story of sustainability with Fair Flies.

Here’s a brief summary – Fair Flies is a registered Benefit corporation.  It is the the job of the board to make sure mission comes before financial returns.  The mission is to provide livable wages to compromised areas around the world.

Your order of fair flies materials helps move this mission forward and continues to build mentorship in fly tying and the fly fishing industry.

“We are not just another materials supplier or cheap online store. We create opportunities and make space to work with and train exploited and marginalized individuals. We believe that by providing trade instead of aid we make a lasting difference that also gives dignity instead of dependence.”



I wanted to give a big thanks to Jeff for giving me a brush to check out and tie a few with.  I’ll be heading over to check out a few more colors now.

If you are interested in the Fly Tying Tips PDF that includes 30 fly tying tips to improve your game click on the button below:



WFS 009 – Simon Gawesworth Interview – New Spey Lines, Spey Casting and RIO Products

simon gawesworth
simon gawesworth

In episode 009 of the Fly Fishing Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Simon Gawesworth who is one of the biggest names in fly fishing today.  Simon breaks down spey lines in detail including what’s new this year and what he sees in the future of spey.

He talks about choosing lines for windy conditions, a good sinking line for summer fish, some of the new products in line for RIO including triple density lines.  This one goes quick so click the button below to have a listen.


Click below to listen to the Podcast with Simon Gawesworth:

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Show notes with Simon Gawesworth

7:45 – The Wind Cutter history and how it brought us to present day

10:10 – A good single hand spey line is the In Touch Single Hand Spey Line

11:55 – AFFTA fly line standards for two handed rods and switch rods plus the Rule of 3

15:50 – How to fish the East Fork of the Lewis River and the Kalama River

17:12 – Good spey lines for the wind in the scandi and scagit categories (scandi versatip)

25:20 – The Jim Teeny interview on single hand fly lines

25:50 – RIO Grand Fly Line is one that hasn’t changed much over the years

31:00 – Modern Spey Casting Video – This was the one that helped me get started back in the day

31:40 – RIO’s how to fly fishing series puts you into a video series via email

33:30 – Spey Casting interview with Pete Humphries

36:10 – A good sinking line for summer steelhead

42:55 – The double hook and treble hook for atlantic salmon fishing and why they are used still to this day

44:25 – A good rule of thumb for two handed and switch rods – You gain or loose about 10 feet of distance on your spey cast for every one foot of rod length

48:40 – The Steelhead Coachman and Hazel’s Engagement are Simon’s goto patterns

51:00 – The intermediate skagit line is the goto line for winter steelhead fishing

53:50 – Multiple density lines explained and why they are big right now

1:00:35 – Sandy spey Clave


You can reach simon at if you have any additional questions or need a lesson.


It was a lot of fun to hear Simon’s story and history how he got started at his dad’s fly fishing school.  Jim Vincent from RIO heard about Simon and started chatting back in the day.  Eventually Simon moved to SW Washington to be closer to many of the NW steelhead rivers.

We talk spey lines in details including why this year is going to be huge with the triple density lines.  The East Fork of the Lewis River, the Kalama River and the Deschutes River are all some of his home waters

We get into the process of how RIO tests there lines to make sure they are ready to go for the new season.  This is one of the best parts of being a Brand Manager – trips to the south with the fly fishing staff at RIO Products.

We get into some of the frustrations of fly line manufacturing and how RIO deals with issues in this process.  All companies deal with these types of issues so it’s important on how you follow up when these things happen.


simon gawesworth


What Simon loves and dislikes about his job.  He’s got a pretty good one but office work is one thing that Simon can do without.  Although he knows that it’s necessary and part of the teaching process, one of the things Simon loves and is very good at.

We get into the differences between atlantic salmon and steelhead fly fishing.  Fly size is probably one of the biggest difference where a size 14 is not uncommon for salmon fishing.

Triple density and quadruple density lines are the rage these days because the line casts and swings through the water much better than older lines.


Quote:  “If I had to pull out a single Gem from our 2018 products, it would be the triple density single handed spey line.”    -Simon Gawesworth


Conclusion with Simon Gawesworth

I wanted to give a huge thank you to Simon for coming on to the show today.  As I noted at the start of this episode, Simon basically taught me how to spey cast by the videos he provides including Modern Spey Casting.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the show.  Click on the button below if you want the 30 Fly Fishing Tips PDF Quick Guide.  These are tips coming directly from all of my guests!



WFS 008 – Fly Tying Interview with Darren MacEachern from Piscator Flies

darren maceachern

In episode 008 of the Fly Fishing Show I had the great opportunity to interview Darren MacEachern from where we discussed steelhead and salmon fly tying along with some great fly fishing stories and history of fly tying.

Take a look below for the Show Notes and links to everything we discussed in the interview.  You’ve got to hear the Rusty Rat story and poem that goes along with it.


Click below to listen to the Podcast with Darren MacEachern:

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Show Notes from my Interview with Darren MacEachern

05:24:  northern lights fly fishers (

11:45:  Fly Tying Forum (

14:30:  Trey Combs Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies


17:40:  Streamers Project (

18:00:  Drawing Flies 365 – Jeff Kennedy (

20:30:  Streamer List Forum (

21:45:  Superfly Project (

22:50:  Phil Rowley (

23:50:  Warren Duncan (

24:20:  Warren Duncan reciting poetry while he ties the Rusty Rat


32:35:  Interview with Jim Teeny 

39:07:  Fly Fusion Magazine (

39:50:  Fly Fish Calgary (

49:00:  Carrie Stevens Patriotic Streamer Series (

52:20:  Shawn at McFly Angler on youtube ties size #26 flies (

53:20:  Don Ordes Fly Tying (


darren maceachern

Quote:  “For Fly Tying, the number 1 thing is repetition.”    -Darren MacEachern


If you want to reach Darren head on over to and say hi.  I wanted to thank Darren again for coming on the show and providing the great show.

If you enjoyed this episode and want more interviews like this delivered to your inbox then just click the button below to get started.




The New Fly Fishing Studio at Wet Fly Swing

I put together a short video that shows the new fly fishing “studio”.  I am pretty excited that I’m back on my home river for the next period and excited to hopefully connect with some more people in person.

The studio is small what will be a fun place to post some new information over the next year or so.


Click here to watch the short video on my new studio:


What do you think?  Is the earth a good backdrop or would something a little different be better?

Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know what you think.


WFS 007 – Spey Casting & Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Fishing with Pete Humphries

pete humphries spey

In this episode of the Fly Fishing Podcast I had the pleasure of chatting with Pete Humphries to cover spey casting, steelhead fly fishing and Great Lakes tributaries.  Pete does an amazing job breaking down the steps to spey casting and provides a bunch of tips.

He covers Great Lakes steelhead fly fishing with a focus on Western Michigan and talks about many of the people who helps him become an expert.  If you are new to spey casting or struggling with your cast this is the perfect episode for you.


Click below to listen to the Podcast with Pete Humphries:

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Show Notes with Pete Humphries

4:35 – Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company

6:30 – Pete discusses some of his home rivers and notes the Muskegon River that is nearby.

7:15 – Feenstra Guide Service – This is the guide service that Pete works for and Kevin was one of the first swinging guides in Western Michigan.

8:20 – Rio Wind Cutter was one of the first lines Pete used when he first started swinging flies.

10:17 – Pete discusses his first steelhead on the fly noting that it was a fall back female.

12:38 – Andy Murray was a famous fisherman who worked for Hardy.

13:40 – Federation of Fly Fishers Casting Instruction

17:39 – Mel Krieger

21:05 – Rod and line for great lakes steelhead

22:20 – Pere Marquette River and switch rods

24:00 – How to fish off both shoulders effectively to avoid issues with the wind

28:20 – The importance of a slow circle C especially with sinking lines

40:20 – 4 Keys to a Spey Cast

41:15 – Train track analogy on the forward cast.

50:45 – Rio Scandi Versa Tip

56:14 – The Hang Down 10 – Just let your fly sit and hang a little longer than you think

58:20 – Rio Cleaning Pads

1:01:30 – Temple Dog Style Flies are Pete’s go to for steelhead.


You can reach Pete at Feenstra Guide Service if you have any questions or want to connect.


pete humphries spey


I wanted to give a big thanks to Pete for coming on the show, he over delivered on all of the great tips he offered.  Do you fish the great lakes or western Michigan?  Was this show helpful?  Leave a comment below and let me know.

Click on the button below if you want the PDF Quick guide to the top steelhead tips from our guests on the podcast:



Steelhead Tip of the Day – Choose 1 Steelhead Run

trey combs
Steel Flash Flies by Trey Combs:

It sometimes sounds like a good idea to get out in your boat and cover as much water as possible.  But Trey Combs noted in a recent interview I did with him that one of his biggest tips is to get to know one steelhead run so well that you can identify each pebble.

So you can identify each boulder and seam.

So, that’s the Steelhead Tip today – Get to know one steelhead run so well that you know exactly where steelhead hold and where each of the little buckets are at all river levels.

This will decrease the wasted time and increase the amount of fish you hook into.


Click here ==>> Click here to listen to Trey Combs tell his story


trey combs
Steel Flash Flies by Trey Combs:


How have you been covering runs?  Do you tend to fish one run consistently that you know it so well you can identify each boulder?

Do you know when to fish the inside seam harder?

When to hit the tail-out hard?

If you’d like to grab the rest of the Steelhead Tips from my guests click on the button below:


Elk Hair Caddis Fly Tying Tutorial [Video]

elk hair caddis

In today’s fly tying video I show you how to tie an elk hair caddis, one of the most classic and most effective dry flies of all time.

I use cream color dubbing but you can use any color that matches the hatch you’ll be fishing.  The elk hair floats high and dry and so should you (or whatever that means).


Click here to watch the Elk Hair Caddis video:


Elk Hair Caddis Fly Tying Material List

Thread:  Size 70 Ultra Thread red

Hook:  Daiichi #1170 size #14

Body: cream dubbing

hackle:  brown saddle

Wing:  elk hair


elk hair caddis

I hope you enjoyed the video today and wanted to let you know you can reach me anytime by sending an email here:

If you would like to get the 30 Fly Tying Tips PDF Quick Guide just click on the button below:


SFTC – Steelhead Fly Tying – Chapter 2 Introduction (sftc 02)

Today I’m continuing the blogging journey to get out the word on the new steelhead fly tying course and doorstep material deliveries.

If you want to see the first post in the series that explains the background, click here.  If you want to take a look at what chapter 1 will cover, click here.

Today I’ll cover a little bit on chapter 2 and provide an opportunity for you to show support for the project.

If I get 20 people to opt in and say they would purchase the course I’ll build it.  Just click on the button below to let me know you support it:

Thanks for the support!


Module 2:  Intruders, Bunny Leeches and Marabou Flies

  • Video 1:  Introduction video covers all of the chapters in Module 2 plus action items
  • Video 2:  Summary of the fly types we will cover (intruders, tube flies, etc)
  • Video 3:  Basic hooks and materials and overview (barbell eyes, shanks, wired, etc)
  • Video 4:  Basic Techniques we will cover in this module
  • Video 5:  How to tie an intruder + Background (with material home deliveries)
  • Video 6:  How to tie a Fish Taco (with material home deliveries)
  • Video 7:  How to tie a Bunny Leech
  • Video 8:  How to tie an Artificial Inteligence
  • Video 9:  How to tie an Egg Sucking Leech
  • Video 10:  Reading material for the course (Jay Nicholas Modern Steelhead Flies)
  • Video 11:  Conclusion video and summary
    • Action Items listed to be completed before Module 3 begins


That pretty much covers the nuts and bolts of module 2.  As you can see we get into a good chunk on winter steelhead flies and flies for colder temperatures and swinging.

Click on the button below if you would buy this course (this is just 1 of 8 modules that will be delivered):



Module 1 covers classic wet flies and covers the history of steelhead flies.  Module 2 gets into intruders and all of the great flies we swing and strip down deep.

Module 3 gets right into a big swing with egg patterns and flies we might use more commonly nymphing for steelhead.

Click on the links below to review the past articles in this series of blog posts:

Steelhead Fly Tying Course and Materials to Your Doorstep

Steelhead Fly Tying Course [Chapter 1 and Beyond]


WFS 006 – Trey Combs Interview – Steelhead Flies and Fishing, Blue Water Fly Fishing

trey combs

It episode 006 of the Fly Fishing Show I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the biggest people in the history of steelhead fly fishing, Trey Combs.

Trey wrote one of the early books on the history of steelhead fishing and flies and has done a lot of other amazing stuff in his fly fishing career that we cover today.

We get into a bunch of big topics including the issues with the Thompson River steelhead decline, talk about his mentors, discuss steelhead fly fishing history, two handed rods plus some of his new fly patterns.


Click below to listen to the Podcast with Trey Combs:

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Show Notes with Trey Combs


 trey combs tip

You can reach Trey by email here: or by phone at: 509-369-1025.


I wanted to give a big thanks to Trey for coming on the show today.  We covered a lot of great information but have a lot more to get into next time.

Trey gave us something that steelhead fly fishing didn’t have before his work.  He put it on the books, literally, and help launch it out for many new passionate fly fishers to come.

Click on the button if you would like the biggest steelhead fly fishing tips in one PDF below.  I’ve taken out the best nuggets from my guest interviews and have provided it to you below.




Check Out the Fly Tying Mentor Todayfly tying mentor


30 Fly Tying Tips and the Challengefly tying challenge
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