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Tying a Black Wooly Bugger – Video

wooly bugger
wooly bugger
Black Wooly Bugger

The wooly bugger is one of the easiest and most effective flies to tie for a vast number of fish species.  I demonstrate how to tie a wooly bugger and provide a few tips on general tying instruction.  Watch the video to see how the wooly bugger is tied.

Fly Fishing Tip of the Day – The Shock Loop

shock loop



The power of the take of a steelhead is, well…… Powerful.  It can really blow you away if you aren’t ready.  Hell, it can really blow you away if you are ready.  I’ve talked about a few techniques already that will help you hook and land more fish –  see the Open Clinch Knot and Bow to the fish.

The shock loop is another effective technique to help you hook and land more fish.  The shock look gives you a little cushion when a fish hammers your fly.

Fly Fishing Terminology and Lingo – Tip #5 Will Hook More Steelhead

fly fishing terminology

pocket water

“Hey (in a super quiet voice)…… I think I just had a TIP.” I make sure to not move a step and put the same exact cast back on the fish. It swings slowly across the river and then……. another TAP. “shhhhhit! I just had a tap”, as I quietly mention to my buddy fishing 100 meters downstream.

Again – staying in the same spot, I put the same cast back on the fish…….. “wow, there was a solid grab”, said in a little louder voice this time.  My buddy is now more focused on me than on his run.

Fly Fishing Tip of the Day – The Open Clinch Knot

open clinch knot

open clinch knot

The open clinch knot has probably helped me hook more fish than any other knot.  Super simple to tie and strong, the open clinch knot does two big things – It gives your fly more action and keeps your fly from getting tangled up.

Fly Fishing Tip of the Day – The Hang Down

Hang Down

hang down


There’s no question, one of the best, and easiest, tips I could ever give you for hooking steelhead is called the Hang Down.  This is how it works – After you cast and swing your fly through the run, your fly will be “hanging down” below you.  Make sure to let the fly sit there for 3 or 5 seconds before you pick up for another cast.  Many times a steelhead will take your fly on the hang down.

These extra 3 seconds will add big time to the amount of steelhead you hook.  I’m not saying that you will catch as many as you will on the swing, but you will catch fish.  It’s worth the extra few seconds.

50% of Fly Fisherman Struggle with One Thing

fly fisherman

fly fisherman

What is the biggest question that fly fisherman have? Better put – what is your biggest struggle? What’s one thing you could learn or resource that would help you most with steelhead fly fishing?

I recently ran a survey and collected data on this very question. Of this question – What is your biggest struggle with fly fishing – 50% said finding the time to go fishing. That’s right, not reading water or presentation…..but finding time. Is this you? I know I struggle with this, especially with a growing family.

Fly Fishing for Trout in the UK

fly fishing for trout

uk fish species


Trout is a name for a number of freshwater species belonging to the Salmonidae family, including salmon,trout, chars, freshwater whitefishes, and grayling. This includes Sea Trout . The main species of Trout in the UK are Brown Trout.  Fly fishing for trout is a little different in the UK, as Andy from explains below.

The 4 P’s of Successful Fly Fisherman

fly fisherman


steelhead fly fishing
Passion – Alaska Fishing with Bears!

What does it take to be a successful steelhead fly fisherman? The right fly – sure.  A good presentation – You bet.  Reading water to find the fish – No question.

But, you will not be a successful steelhead fisherman unless you are patient, persistent, passionate and get out and practice. Don’t think you have these characteristics now? Don’t worry, fly fishing for steelhead will help you develop these.  Follow along to the bottom for a few tips that will also help you get there.

Tying a Traditional Steelhead Fly – The Stewart

steelhead fly
steelhead fly
The Stewart

The traditional steelhead fly patterns are still as effective as ever.  In the day in age with tube flies, hobo flies, and many others new designs, I still find good success swinging the traditional steelhead fly.  The Stewart is a great example and in this session I demonstrate how to tie a sparsely dressed low water style fly.

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