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Great Lakes fly fishing

A Roadmap to Great Lakes Steelhead Fishing (Part 2) – Great Lakes Fly Fishing...

Get ready to catch the big one as we jump back into Great Lakes fly fishing today. We know how much you love this, so we're serving up another dose of steelhead wisdom and adventure from the Great Lakes Dude, Jeff Liskay.
forged fly fishing

WFS 459 – Forged Fly Fishing with Richard Wilby – BC, Stillwater, Steelhead

Richard Wilby, the man behind Forged Fly Fishing, shares his journey of creating a fly reel company and a fishing gear company simultaneously. He shares...
skeena steelhead

WFS 449 – Skeena Steelhead Spey School with Brian Niska – Finding Fish, Spey...

Brian Niska is back on the show to take us into Skeena steelhead fishing. Brian paints the picture of what you can expect if you're putting out a trip together to the Skeena Spey Lodge.
great lakes steelhead

Great Lakes Dude #2 with Jeff Liskay – A Roadmap to Great Lakes Steelhead...

Our main man, Jeff Liskay, is going to take a deep dive into how to build a roadmap to success when chasing Great Lakes steelhead and salmon.
fly fishing new york

WFS 437 – Fly Fishing New York with Jay Peck – Brown Trout, Steelhead,...

Jay Peck is here to walk us through fly fishing New York, and some of the rivers he guides and fishes. We discover his...
Jeff Liskay

Great Lakes Dude #1 with Jeff Liskay – Steelhead, Walleye, Lake Erie, Fly Fishing

Jeff Liskay is going to take us around the Great Lakes today. You'll get the history of all the lakes, where to fish, and a heads up on this new podcast all in 20 minutes' time for the Great Lakes.
fishhound expeditions

WFS 418 – Fly Fishing Kodiak with Adam Cuthriell – Steelhead, Karluk River, Fishhound...

Adam Cutthriel is back on the podcast to take us into one of the great steelhead rivers around the world - Kodiak!
trout spey fly

WFS 403 – Trout Spey Fly Fishing with Kynslee Scott – Montana, OPST Groove,...

Kynslee Scott is here with an update for swinging flies for trout. We find out which trout Spey setup she loves out of Montana and why the Polyleader is the key for big Montana rainbows and browns.
Ohio Steelhead

WFS 399 – Jeff Liskay on Ohio Steelhead, Swinging Flies, Skagit Lines and the...

Jeff Liskay is back on the podcast to take us back into some tips on swinging flies for Lake Erie steelhead. We find out...
fly fish portland

WFS 393 – Fly Fish Portland with Eric Leininger – Tiger Musky, Steelhead, Cold...

Eric Leininger from Fly Fish Portland takes us into his background as a guide in Alaska and around the West.
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