In this episode, we meet Craig Richardson – Head Guide at Fly Cast Away on St. Brandons Atoll, Guide at Como Maalifushi in the Maldives, and WorldCast Anglers. Craig’s early entry into competitive fishing in South Africa sets the stage for our exploration of euro nymphing and the drawbacks of excessive tight lining. He shares an intriguing story about landing his first guiding opportunity in a tigerfish river, highlighting a significant milestone in his angling journey.

Craig provides valuable recommendations for those dreaming of a Seychelles trip and discusses the amazing strength of Humphead Parrotfish, the angry nature of Giant Travellies, and the unpredictable allure of Triggerfish. The conversation also touches on Craig’s fishing adventures with Jeff Currier and his current work at Bob Marriott’s Fly Shop in Los Angeles, adding another exciting dimension to his angling journey. This episode is filled with insights, stories, and a shared passion for the sport.

Euro Nymphing with Craig Richardson. Hit play below!

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Show Notes with Craig Richardson

03:00 – We had Jako Lucas in the podcast in episode 281 where we dug into Jako’s top 20 fly fishing destinations.

05:00 – An average Giant Trevally size is about 75-85cm. A bigger one is about a meter. And a huge one is about 115-120cm.

giant travelly

14:05 – Craig got into competitive fishing at 13 years old when he joined the youth team in South Africa.

18:00 – Craig tells the story of how he was offered his first guiding gig in a tigerfish river in South Africa.

26:30 – Baitfishing for carp is the largest community of fishermen in South Africa.

28:10 – Craig based all of his fishing knowledge on the book, Trout Hunter: The Way of an Angler by Rene Harrop.


35:00 – Craig explains why focusing too much on tight lining is bad for euro nymphing.

46:00 – and are great companies to book your Seychelles trip with.

46:30 – We talk about the Humphead Parrotfish and what makes this creature special.

Photo by Australian Museum

48:25 – Giant Travellies are one of the maddest and most aggressive fish in saltwater.

giant travelly

49:10 – Parrot fish fights really hard. Their beaks are like bolt cutters.

Photo by Great Barrier Reef Foundation

50:30 – People usually come to Seychelles to target GTs but end up loving Triggerfish.

triggerfish triggerfish

52:00 – Watch this Triggerfish attack a diver.

54:00 – We talk about Jeff Currier. Craig tells us how they used to fish together a lot when they became neighbors.

1:02:30 – Craig is in Los Angeles right now, working for Bob Marriot’s Fly Shop.

You can Craig on Instagram @craigrichardson123

Book a trip with to have Craig as your guide!

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Conclusion with Craig Richardson

Wrap: This episode featured an engaging conversation with Craig Richardson, a highly experienced angler and guide as we highlighted various aspects of Craig’s angling journey and his expertise in fly fishing destinations. The discussion covered a range of topics, including the average size of Giant Trevally, Craig’s early entry into competitive fishing as part of South Africa’s youth team at the age of 13, and the story of how he landed his first guiding opportunity in a tigerfish river.

The conversation also delved into euro nymphing and the importance of not overly focusing on tight lining. For those interested in a Seychelles trip, Craig recommended reputable companies such as and We explore the unique characteristics of the Humphead Parrotfish and the thrilling nature of Giant Travellies, with Craig emphasizing the fierce fighting ability of these species. We also touched on Triggerfish, which often captivate anglers who initially come to Seychelles to target GTs.

Overall, this episode provided valuable insights on , captivating stories, and a shared passion for the world of fly fishing.