Join us for an awesome episode as we catch up with Riverhorse – an angler, writer, filmmaker, musician, surfer, and Patagonia Ambassador. Having been on our podcast twice before, we’ll delve into his recent film projects with Patagonia and his other exciting ventures. We discover how you can contribute to preserving the Boundary Waters through

Beyond his wilderness pursuits, Riverhorse also talks about how he leads the Editorial of a magazine called, ToneQuest Report, featuring contributions from rockstars and musicians. Riverhorse talks about his upcoming fly fishing book filled with essays and adventure stories and also talks about the impact of music on people’s lives. Plus, a bonus poetry read at the end! Stay tuned for that!

Save the Boundary Waters with Riverhorse Nakadate. Hit play below!

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save the boundary waters
Photo by Tony Czech / The Mission Fly Mag

Show Notes with Riverhorse Nakadate

03:00 – Riverhorse had been on the podcast twice at WFS 80 and WFS 266. We talked about saving the Boundary Waters.

03:10 – Riverhorse talks about his most recent film projects with Patagonia and others.

06:50 – He noted a project he did with Patagonia called, It’s All Home Water – A Northern Light which resulted in a mining ban for 20 years.

08:45 – We encourage people to explore for the latest updates and discover ways you can contribute to preserving the Boundary Waters.

11:50 – Riverhorse is now running the ToneQuest Report Magazine after his friend who used to run it passed away. A lot of other rockstars and musicians contribute to the magazine. Check out their editorial board here.

Photo by Fretboard Journal

13:30 – We noted the song, You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive by Darrell Scott.

18:40 – Riverhorse has been stories for Fly Fish Journal. They just issued a recent one called, HEARTLAND DRIFTING: A MINNESOTA PICARESQUE.


19:15 – Riverhorse is writing a fly fishing book with essays and adventure stories that he’s been saving up.

20:45 – We had John Gierach on the podcast twice. His recent one is WFS 434.

25:00 – He noted Erin Block who’s a female angler and fly fishing writer. Check out her stuff here.

28:00 – Riverhorse talks about how his mom taught him to communicate his feelings honestly.

30:10 – We talk about how to stay optimistic when it comes to conservation.

save the boundary waters
Photo by Flylords Mag

37:30 – Riverhorse talks about Jeff Liskay and their adventures together.

save the boundary waters
Photo by Jeff Liskay / Great Lakes Fly Fishing

39:10 – Jeff Liskay is now part of our podcast with his own series The Great Lakes Dude.

46:00 – We hear the story of when Yvon Chouinard wrote Riverhorse a touching letter of appreciation.

47:00 – We had Craig Matthews on the podcast at WFS 427.

52:30 – Riverhorse talks about his poem, Cloud Burst. Listen to his poetry read starting at 55:10.

You can find Riverhorse on Instagram @riverhorse_nakadate

Visit ToneQuest Report Magazine and check out their stuff!

Help save the Boundary Waters at

save the boundary waters

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Conclusion with Riverhorse Nakadate

Riverhorse has been deeply involved in conservation efforts, particularly focused on safeguarding the Boundary Waters. Notably, his collaborations with Patagonia, such as the project “It’s All Home Water – A Northern Light,” successfully resulted in a significant 20-year mining ban. We highlighted Riverhorse’s passion for being outdoors, writing, and music.

With inspiring stories, like Yvon Chouinard’s touching letter of appreciation, Riverhorse emphasizes the importance of staying optimistic amidst conservation challenges, promoting honest communication and hope for the future. Through powerful storytelling and poetry, the podcast creates an engaging platform that educates, empowers, and unites individuals in their commitment to protecting our planet for future generations. As Riverhorse continues to make a positive impact in the world of conservation, the podcast remains an invaluable resource, promoting awareness, unity, and appreciation for the beauty of nature and the significance of conservation efforts.