In todays video I show you how to tie a Soft Hackle Hares Ear.  This was noted by John Gierach as one of his all time goto flies for trout. John fishes a lot of the high mountain streams in Colorado and I had him on the podcast in episode 47.


Click here to watch the Soft Hackle Hares Ear Video:


The Soft Hackle Hares Ear Material List

Thread:  8/0 Uni Thread Black (click here to purchase)

Hook:  Daiichi #1560 size #12 (click here to purchase)

Body: Hares Ear Natural Dubbing  (click here to purchase) 

Rib:  Krystal Flash Pearl (click here to purchase) 

Hackle:  Partridge (click here to purchase)

(If you’d rather I send you the entire package of materials please email here:


john Gierach
Click the image above to listen to John Gierach


soft hackle hares ear

Conclusion for the Stewart

This is one of the amazing things about this pattern.  It has a great name, LOL and I didn’t come up with it.  A great old friend of the family, Marty Sherman created this pattern and named it after my dad or the shop.  Not sure which but I’ll ask Marty when I talk to him.

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