I show you how to tie the Green-Butt Skunk Dark in today’s fly tying tutorial.  The green butt is a classic steelhead fly and today demonstrate the classic hair wing style.

This fly works great swinging for summer steelhead but is an all around killer steelhead color (click here to see a post that describes steelhead fly colors).

Click here to watch the video for the Green Butt Skunk Dark (one update on hackle:  I use Teal Flank Feathers, not Guinea for the tail and hackle – Oops) 🙂


This video is part of the 30 Day Fly Tying Challenge.  If you want to check it out goto Instagram and search for #flytyingchallenge30 

You can check out more challenge details by taking a quick look at this post.


Green-Butt Skunk Dark Fly Tying Material List

Hook:  Dai-Riki #899 Size 6

Thread:  Black size 70 Ultra thread

Butt:  Small chartreuse chenille

Tail:  Teal Flank Feathers

Rib:  Medium Silver Tinsel

Body: Polar Dub Black

Hackle:  Black Schlappen and Teal Flank Feather

Wing:  Black Krystal Flash and Black Calftail


Thanks for checking out the pattern and sorry for the confusion on the Guinea and Teal feathers.  If you have any other questions about this or any other patterns please let me know.

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