Garrett Lesko is on the podcast in episode 236 to talk about the most popular Euro Nymph Flies and how to tie them.  Garrett is one of the young all stars in the fly tying space and has a broad mix of patterns he covers.

We find out the best tips and tools on tying with UV Resin and some of the flies that are great.  Garrett ties a very clean fly and has some great tips to share on the podcast today.


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Euro Nymph Flies with Garrett Lesko:

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euro nymph flies

Show Notes with Garrett Lesko

03:50 – Two Rivers Fly Shop is near Garrett’s home water in Albany.

05:00 – Caddis Fly Shop, Fly Fish Food, Davie McPhail and Jay Nicholas were all big mentors.  Jay Nicholas was on the podcast in episode #3 here.

08:24 – Pat Cohen was on the podcast in episode #107.

09:00 – The Albany Fly Tying Expo

nw fly tying expo


12:50 – Instagram of the bird in the nest


oregon fly tying

13:50 – Lance Modern Nymphing videos

15:00 – The Polish phaeasant tail on davie McPhail’s youtube channel

20:30 – The Iron Lotus fly pattern and Silver bullett baetis

27:40 – Coq de leon is one of the best tailing materials.

euro nymph flies


28:20 – Fulling Mill hooks – FM5045 Jig Force Hooks

39:50 – The deschutes angler podcast with Amy Hazel in episode 214 here.

42:00 – Solarez bone dry UV

46:00 – Crazy about fly fishing youtube, fly shop europe, kype hooks, lindsey simpson are all great european resources to check out.


You can find Garrett at

oregon fly tying


euro nymph flies


Top Euro Nymph Flies and Tying Tips

  1. Iron Lotus
iron lotus
photo via:

2. The Frenchie

3. Waltz Worm

4. Tag Nymph

5. Perdigon

6. Rainbow Warrior

7. Duracell

8. Polish Pheasant Tail

9. Pat’s Stone – Golden

10. Squirmie

11. Blue Fly Deschtues anglers



Resources for Euro Nymph Flies

Fulling Mill hooks – FM5045 Jig Force Hooks

fullling mill


Solarez Bone Dry

solarez bone dry



Euro Nymph Flies and Tying Videos

Blue Planet GT’s eating sea birds


IB and Andy Euro Nymphing


Ratt – Round and Round


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garrett lesko


Garrett Lesko
photo via:

Conclusion on Euro Nymph Flies with Garrett Lesko

Garrett Lesko is on the podcast to share his top euro nymph flies with a focus on fly tying and what you need to tie a killer euro nymph pattern.  We walk you through the 12 top euro nymphs from Garrett’s perspective today.