Show Notes: Sponsors: Have you ever had to uproot your entire life and go halfway across the globe to chase a dream? That’s precisely what John Bond, the owner of Rena Fish Camp, did!  We are digging into Norway Fly Fishing today on the Swing!
kootenai river
Dave Blackburn takes us on a journey through the Kootenai River in Montana. Discover the rich history of Kootenai, learn the secrets of when to fish for the best catch, and explore the various fishing techniques you can use there. Dave also shares some hilarious anecdotes, such as teaching Hollywood star Richard Dreyfuss how to cast on the set...
Big Hole Lodge
Wade Fellin of Big Hole Lodge is here to take us into one of Montana's most well-known trout streams. We find out which hatch is Wade's favorite throughout the year. It coincides with Mother's Day. And we also find out which big celebrities are doing shows nearby as we speak, not too far away from Wade's operation there. We also...
Shaun Jeszenka, the owner of Frontier Anglers, takes us into Western Montana to explore some of its most well-known rivers - the Beaverhead, Big Hole, and Ruby Rivers.
justin spence
Show Notes: Sponsor: Stonefly Nets: Sponsor: OPST Pure Skagit: Justin Spence from Big Sky Anglers is on the podcast today to break down Montana fly fishing and the seasons fishing west Yellowstone area.  We dig into all of the great resources and local fly shops in the area including Big Sky Anglers.
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