In today’s episode, Drew Evans of The Fly Project walks us through their buzzing Carp Clave event.

Drew will share his top three carp fishing tips, including the legendary drag-and-drop technique you don’t want to miss. Plus, he’ll dive into the must-have gear for the season and give us the scoop on spotting carp in those tricky river flats. And if that’s not enough, get ready to be hooked by tales of fish camps and exotic fishing trips to places like Belize!

Show Notes with Drew Evans on the Carp Clave. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Episode Chapters with Drew Evans on the Carp Clave

3:11 – Drew describes the Carp Clave event as possibly the first of its kind, aiming to educate and introduce more people to carp fishing, which traditional trout fishermen often overlook. It was held in Boardman, Oregon, a location chosen for its abundant flats and carp.

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7:18 – Drew explains that the Carp Clave highlights the parallels between flats fishing, typically a saltwater technique, and carp fishing in shallow waters across the United States and even globally.

8:55 – He walks us through the event. He mentions Dick Sagara and a few more of the huge supporters of the event and the vendors and brands that were there.

18:20 – Drew explains that House of Fly is where he works. They offer a comprehensive range of fly fishing gear, from saltwater equipment to small creek necessities, carrying well-known brands like Echo, Sage, and Winston.

20:51 – We talk about his home river. For Steelhead, he goes to Clearwater, Idaho. He also targets salmon and smallmouth bass.

25:01 – Drew explains that spring brings challenges like weather fronts and strong winds, which can affect water clarity essential for flat-style fishing. Despite potential visibility issues, carp can still be targeted due to their bright appearance, especially against sandy bottoms. He emphasizes the importance of identifying the fish’s orientation to place the fly correctly.

28:04 – We dig into the gear for fishing in the Boardman area of the Columbia River for successful fishing during April. He emphasizes the importance of having a rod with a good backbone, suggesting an eight-weight rod as ideal. This rod size is versatile for different types of fish, including redfish, bonefish, permit, pike, smallmouth bass, and carp.

29:06 – He highlights the importance of selecting lines that can handle wind and varying temperatures. He recommends saltwater tapers, especially the Rio Outbound short for cold conditions and the SA Grand Slam or redfish taper for warmer conditions.

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31:18 – Drew typically uses a long leader, around 12 to 13 feet, particularly when dealing with spooky fish. To counterbalance the long leader and ensure the fly sinks faster, he uses a heavier fly and often opts for a fluorocarbon tippet, ranging from 12 to 16 pounds. He mentions specific products like the redfish leaders from SA or RIO, which he finds particularly effective.
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32:15 – He notes that anything from sizes 8 to 4 can be effective for the flies. He mentions the importance of having a variety of flies with different weights, from light bead chain eyes to medium dumbbell eyes, to adapt to different water depths. He highlights a particular fly, the hybrid carp fly created by John Bartlett aka John Montana, which has proven highly effective in carp fishing.


37:28 – Drew gives us three reasons to try carp fishing. He points out the accessibility of it, as it doesn’t require long drives like trout fishing. He also mentions the practice it provides for saltwater fishing and the conservation benefits, as carp can be fished in hot weather when other fish are less active. It also offers a thrilling, challenging experience.

41:16 – He talks about the strategies for finding and not spooking carp while fishing. He emphasizes the importance of locating shallow water areas that can accommodate multiple fish. Drew also points out the value of patience, mentioning that if carp have been seen in a particular flat before, they are likely to return.

47:09 – Drew gives some strategies for catching carp, particularly for those who may not have had much success. He advises anglers to lengthen their leader and practice the “drag and drop” technique to avoid spooking the fish. He emphasizes that casting directly at the fish can scare them away, so it’s better to be subtle with the approach.

50:32 – We talk about conservation. Drew highlights his involvement with Trout Unlimited and the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA) chapters at WFSU and the University of Idaho, working with dedicated groups of students.

52:13 – I ask about his preference for music. He enjoys a variety of music genres, from hardcore punk and death metal in his youth to more mellow indie and new country music as he has aged. He mentions that Black Flag is his favorite band of all time. He also listens to many podcasts, including The Joe Rogan Experience and 99% Invisible.

​53:56 – For beginners, Drew emphasizes the importance of patience, noting that fly fishing is inherently challenging and not something one can master quickly.

1:01:00 – Drew shares about their fish camp in Belize. It’s a five-day guided trip where participants can have an opportunity to fish for bonefish, permit, and tarpon.

You can find Drew on Instagram @flyprojectusa and @scuds.mackenzie.

Facebook at House of Fly

YouTube @HouseofFly

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carp clave

Conclusion with Drew Evans on the Carp Clave

The Carp Clave event has come and gone, but the wisdom shared by Drew Evans from The Fly Project remains invaluable for any aspiring carp angler. Whether you’re perfecting techniques like the drag-and-drop or selecting the right leaders for your tackle box, the insights provided can significantly enhance your chances of landing that prized carp. And if you’re looking for more adventure, his tips on affordable fishing trips to destinations like Belize might just be what you need. Keep these tips in mind, and happy fishing!