Fly Fishing the Ausable
Have you ever experienced the frustration of a dry fly being swirled up by a fish but not taken? Or struggled to keep your dry fly afloat on the water? Today is your lucky day because Evan Bottcher, owner of the Hungry Trout, will guide us in fly fishing the Ausable with Dry Flies. Evan will give us three important tips...
au sable river
As the gentle current of the Au Sable River whispered secrets of the perfect cast, our esteemed guest Josh Greenberg joined us to share the intricate dance between angler and stream. From his early days learning the ropes in Ohio’s farm ponds to the revered waters of Michigan, Josh’s journey is a testament to the lure of fly fishing and its deep-rooted traditions. In our latest episode, we unearth the enchanting world beneath the river's surface, exploring the complexities of the hex hatch and the delicate balance of conservation. Josh offers a treasure trove of stories, from the thrill of guiding at the Gates Lodge to the storied legacy left by Rusty Gates—a name synonymous with dedication and river stewardship.
red shed fly shop
Poppy, owner of Red Shed Fly Shop, is here to talk about the wonders of the mighty Clearwater River in Idaho. After an unfortunate accident, Poppy and his wife transformed a small hay barn into a fly fishing shop in 2002, which has been thriving ever since. Poppy also dives into his early steelhead fishing experiences on the iconic American River, detailing the allure and adrenaline that has kept his passion alive.
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