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We have the founder of Guide Book on today to give us some tips on finding a great guide. Show Notes with Ben Roberson and Stuart Jordan on Finding a Great Fly Fishing Guide. Hit play below! 👇🏻 Find the show:  iTunes | Stitcher | Overcast Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe on Google Podcasts Subscribe via RSS (Read the Full Transcript at the bottom of this Blog Post)   Sponsors...
Today, we dive into another captivating conversation, this time with Craig Richardson, Head Guide at Fly Cast Away on St. Brandons Atoll, and fly fishing Guide at Como Maalifushi, Maldives, and WorldCast Anglers. We kick off by learning about Craig's early entry into competitive fishing at just 13 years old when he joined the youth team in South Africa. As our conversation delves into the intricacies of euro nymphing, Craig sheds light on the drawbacks of excessive focus on tight lining.
Togiak River
Have you ever heard someone say, you need to twitch your fly or you need to twitch it more? Have you heard about jigging or using jigs in fly fishing and how this is such an effective method today? We bring both of these together as we jump back into Alaska and northern Bristol Bay. Jeremy Freisz is here to...
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