Today, it’s all about eyewear and fishing with the genius behind Bajio Sunglasses, Al Perkinson. Ever wondered what “Bajio” means and how it relates to your fishing adventures?

Buckle up as we journey through Al’s life story, from discovering fly fishing in his 40s to making waves in the industry. And stick around for some tales involving Yvon Chouinard, Oliver White, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Plus, don’t miss out on the game-changing Bajio Trails app that’s set to revolutionize DIY fishing for anglers everywhere.

Show Notes with Al Perkinson on Bajio Sunglasses. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Bajio Sunglasses

Episode Chapters with Al Perkinson on Bajio Sunglasses

02:00 – Bajio refers to the shallow regions near land, whether it’s the saltwater marshes in Charleston, the bayous in New Orleans and Louisiana, or the saltwater flats of the Bahamas.

05:35 – Al mentioned that he didn’t come to fly fishing until later in life, possibly in his 40s, even though he had been fishing since he was a kid. It was after watching Flip Pallot’s show, Walker’s Cay Chronicles, that he felt a deep connection to the sport.

11:40 – We delved into Al’s connection to Costa and his journey toward establishing his own company.

18:16 – Al emphasized the importance of starting with the right lens for optimal fishing performance. During their time at Costa, they created the 580 Lens, the first color-enhancing lens designed to block yellow light.

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19:53 – When Al began Bajio, he recognized that there was considerable untapped potential to elevate eyewear, and they identified the most significant opportunity lay in effectively blocking blue light.

22:12 – Al recommends the Silver Mirror for a typical Montana trout trip.

Bajio Sunglasses


27:00 – Al and Oliver White have been friends for a long time. In fact, Oliver invited Al to the Abaco Lodge the very first week it opened.

They’ve gone on many trips together. Now, Oliver is working at the South Fork Lodge of the Snake River, and he’s teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel.

29:52 – We discuss conservation and the efforts being made at Bajio. Al emphasizes his focus on the next generation of anglers.

36:40 – Al introduces us to the Bajio Trails, an interactive app they’re launching for DIY fishing.

50:00 – Al mentioned that another product they’re putting a strong emphasis on is their line of hats.

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Bajio Sunglasses
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Conclusion with Al Perkinson on Bajio Sunglasses

And there you have it—a deep dive into the world of eyewear and fishing with Al Perkinson, the visionary behind Bajio Sunglasses.