We Dig into Bonefish in the Bahamas with Oliver White today on the show.  Oliver shares his experience coming up through the guiding ranks and into owning his own lodge.  Oliver shares the hedge fund story and how this has helped him get to where he is today.

We talk about some great bonefish tips including how to spot fish.  We cover DIY Destination which is what Season 3 of this podcast is all about.


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Bonefish in the Bahamas Show Notes

05:30 – We talk about his mentor Bill Ackman and the Hedge Fund that Oliver worked for during his New York days.  This is a pretty crazy story and one that helped to put Oliver where he is today.

09:12 – Indie Fly is the non profit that is supporting the villages on a local level.

17:20 – He announces the new guide school he is developing for the first time with Jako Lucas.  Here’s my interview and podcast episode with Jako.

20:50 – Bair’s Lodge in South Andros, Bahamas is the first place he caught bonefish and still a big focused species today.

21:20 – Abico Lodge was the lodge that he put together from the ground up.  The fishing is a little more diverse including both permit and tarpon available.

36:15 – Puglisi Spawning shrimp is the one goto fly pattern.  Oliver mentions a few other great patterns at this point in the episode.  Drew Chicone’s Coyote Ugly is another goto pattern.  Here’s the Coyote Ugly video.

57:00 – I noted the BBC interview where they pushed the kids off of the screen.  We talk about Oliver’s kid who was talking in this episode.

1:02:50 – His satellite phone is the most important goto piece of gear.  Inmarsat is the company he uses and it is a crazy value now days.

1:03:42 – Some of Olivers videos here and this one on bonefishing the bahamas.

1:04:48 – He talks about his bucket list and the species that are still upcoming.  His list somehow keeps getting longer.  He’s got an Australian trip coming up soon.


1:07:40 – Al perkinson, Flip Pallot, and Lefty Krey have been some of his biggest influences.

1:08:46 – A new Yeti presents film is upcoming.


You can find Oliver at OliverWhiteFishing.com.


Bonefish in the Bahamas Videos


I noted the Weird BBC Interview


The Coyote Ugly Fly Pattern


Oliver White on the Bahamas Bonefish


oliver white
photo via: http://www.itinerantangler.com/blog/board/forums/topic/new-podcast-oliver-white/

Conclusion with Oliver White

Oliver White shares his best stories about fishing and life.  He has put together an amazing life in fly fishing through hard work and passion.  No secrets here but the story is great!  We talk about some great bonefish tips including a great exercise to spot fish.