In this podcast, learn about The Fly Fishing Rep with Dick Sagara!

The Fly Fishing Rep with Dick Sagara. Hit play below!

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The Fly Fishing Rep Show Notes with Dick Sagara

2:40 – Dick shares his first memory of fly fishing which is watching the tv show starring Gadabout Gaddis.

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4:00 – He mentions Joe Brooks. We talked about Joe in the podcast in episode 071.

5:00 – He tells a story about the relationship between Joe Brooks and Lefty Kreh.

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7:16 – We go back to his early life. Their family used to go on long vacations to see sights and fish. They used to drive a convertible Buick Electra.

16:25 – We dig into the beginning of his professional career in the fly fishing industry.

23:27 – He talks about Rick Pope whom we had in the podcast in episode 158.

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29:35 – He tells a story about Lefty during a trade show he attended with Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO).

37:40 – He talks about how he ran into my dad, Doug Stewart, back in 1977. My dad owned a fly shop in Gresham, Oregon that time. We also had him in the podcast in episode 031.

43:08 – Dick is Jim Teeny‘s longest-serving sales rep. We had Jim in the podcast way back in episode 005. Lefty told him that Jim was the finest salmon fisherman he had ever fished with.

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46:35 – Jim wrote the book entitled “The Teeny Technique for Steelhead and Salmon: Lefty’s Little Library of Fly Fishing”.

54:05 – Dick donates instructional trips every year. He tells a bit more about his recent one in the Deschutes.


55:25 – We dig into euro nymphing.

1:04:05 – He tells more of his favorite stories about Rick Pope and my dad such as that time when my dad got into a fight while steelhead fishing with the family.

1:10:53 – We talk a bit about racism.

1:19:37 – Currently, he works with several brands such as TFO, Angler Sport Group, Rainy’s Premium Flies, Jim Teeny, and Aquaz.

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1:23:20 – He walks us through what a fly fishing rep does. He likes working with anglers.

1:29:11 – For TFO, he covers Oregon and Washington. He also mentions the areas he covers for the other brands he represents.

1:30:18 – He has a certain love for the Driftless area. We had Geri Meyer in the podcast where we mainly talked about the Driftless area.

1:35:40 – He tries to attend as many shows as he possibly can.

1:39:02 – If he’s traveling down the road, he likes listening to classic rock. He likes The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles and Psycho Killer by Talking Heads.


You can reach Dick Sagara via email at

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Fishing Rep Conclusion with Dick Sagara

In this podcast, learn about The Fly Fishing Rep with Dick Sagara!