My first New York Times columnist, Seth Kugel breaks out his best frugal traveling tips and tricks.  And as Seth says, frugal traveling isn’t about eating peanut butter and Jelly and sleeping in hostels.

Seth breaks down the 4 parts of frugal traveling, how he has created a brazilian youtube channel that funds part of his journey and how to get great deals via consolidator companies when buying airplane tickets.


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Show Notes with Seth Kugel

09:50 – We talk about the Fox News and New York Times Op Ed columns and the difference between jounalism and the OP Ed.

29:40 – His book Rediscovering Travel:  A Guide for the Globally Curious is out and goes deep into travel tips and how Seth travels.

38:00 – The Pantanal Wetlands is a location in Brazil that is less expensive than some of the more know locations.

41:40 – Seth recommends using Whatsapp when traveling to South America and many countries around the world.

46:45 – We talk about how consolidation companies can save you $100’s on plain tickets.  Here’s on consolidation link.  Google consolidator and the name of the country to get a deal on a ticket.

48:00 – Here’s the link to the consolidator article that Seth notes on finding cheaper tickets.

49:40 – The Bose noise cancelling headphones are a goto piece of gear for Seth as well as the travel cubes.

52:10 – REI and the Eagle Creek packs have produced good results over the years for Seth and myself.  I still have an old Eagle Creek pack I use for hunting!

56:30 – Here is the Brian Okeefe episode where Brian shares some great photo.

1:08:20 – We talk about Travel Safety Apps and Tips.  A great tip is to carry a $50 bill on hand in case you get mugged.

1:14:30 – Air BnB has become a goto for many but make sure to verify the bnb.

1:15:30 – The Hotel tonight App which Seth notes here and says that you shouldn’t get too caught up in any one app.


1:18:00 – Here is the link to Seth’s $100 weekend New York Times series.

1:19:10 – Here is the link to Seth talks about booking tips here and searching.  Logging is going to be your biggest expense once you get there.


You can find Seth at  or on Instagram here.


Resources Noted in the Show

Rediscovering Travel by Seth Kugel



Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones


travel cubes

Travel Cubes


Conclusion with Seth Kugel

This episode is perfect if you don’t have $7000 for a lodge trip but still want to get to some of the destination locations.  And is also good if you just want to spruce up your trip and connect with the local communities.