In todays fly tying video I show you how to tie the Green Rat.  This pattern was tied originally by Warren Duncan for Atlantic Salmon but is a good steelhead pattern as well.


Click here to watch the Green Rat video:



Green Rat Material List

Thread:  Size 70 Ultra Thread red (click here to purchase)

Hook:  Dai-Riki #899 Size #6 (click here to purchase)

Tail: Peacock Sword (click here to purchase) 

Body: back half green floss (click here to purchase) and front half peacock (click here to purchase)

Rib:  Medium silver oval tinsel (click here to purchase)

Hackle:  Grizzly Hackle (click here to purchase)

Under-Wing: White Calf-tail and orange calf tail (click here to purchase)

Wing:  Grey Squirrel (click here to purchase)

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green rat


The Green Rat as tied by me and as originally tied by Warren Duncan was the focus of this fly tying tutorial.  If you have any additional questions please leave a comment below or connect with me on social.

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