I had a great interview with Davy Wotton on Wet Fly Fishing and his long history around fly fishing.  He guides on the White River in Arkansas where he has been for 20 years.

We talk about what the biggest struggle is with wet fly fishing and ways to overcome these concerns.  Davy talks about fishing a “cast” of flies that might include 4 flies on one leader, the biggest fly tying tip he knows of and what he has learned from a life of fishing.


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(Read the full transcript at the bottom of this blog post)


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Show Notes with Davy Wotton

08:00 – SLF Dubbing was originally created by Davy and was sold to Wapsi.

29:00 – Dave Whitlock is a good of Davy’s and someone who spends a lot of time with fishing and hunting.

33:35 – The perfect wet fly rod is a 10′ rod in a medium action.

34:35 – The best fly line to use for wet fly fishing.

35:05 – RIO’s Hover line is one Davy likes to use on moving water systems.

39:05 – The angle of the hang and the need to keep your line off the water is key to wet fly swing.

48:35 – You can find all of Davy’s videos at his website here.

50:30 – Davy was published in the American Angler and other magazines.


54:10 – Wichhams Fancy tied by Davie McPhail, the Cockle bundy, partridge and orange and others are the top 10 wet flies.

61:30 – Oscar Evens was from North Whales and was a huge mentor for Davy.

1:05:10 – Masina was one of the first fly tying material companies.

1:06:36 – Herters catalog supported the UK material companies back in the day.

1:17:26 – The Davy Knot is the only knot Davy uses for tying his fly on.

1:19:55 – How to hold and tie in a wing on a wet fly.  Use your middle finger, not your index finger.


You can reach Davy at davywottonflyfishing.com if you have any questions about this episode or fly fishing in general.  You can also reach Davy at his email:  davyfly@ozarkmountains.com.



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Conclusion with Davey Wotton

I wanted to give a big thank you to Davy Wotton for the awesome show.  So many great tips and a perfect perspective on our connection with the UK and a technique that still produces to this day.

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