I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tom McCoy along with a good friend of mine, Michael Barger who was a co-host on this episode.  Tom and Michael go back and fourth on fishing Long Island, what makes it special and the history behind a unique part of the country.

We get a unique perspective from two people who share their passion for this unique area of the US.  Click the link below and press play to hear what it’s all about!


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Show Notes with Tom McCoy

33:20 – Sweet Grass Fly Rods is owned by Jerry Kustich, a huge guru of fly fishing in the Northeast.

33:40 – Rob Snowhite was on the podcast in Episode 12 and we dug into the Salmon River.  Rob is the host of the Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast.

34:20 – Phil Monohan was on the podcast in episode 259 here and covered his role as the editor of the Orvis Blog.

35:20 – Nimblewill Nomad hiked the Appalachian trail at 83 years old.

40:00 – Tom’s presentation with the Art Flick Trout Unlimited Chapter:  Connetquot River State Park – A Fly Fishing Tour:

40:40 – Gil Bergen was a key player in the area and influenced many in the country.



You can find Tom on Facebook here:   facebook.com/tom.mccoy.583


Top Flies for Fly Fishing Long Island

  1. Black Nosed Dace
  2. Hares Ear
  3. Blue-Winged Olive
  4. Adams Parachute
  5. Joe Stack
  6. Green and white


The Joe Stack -photo via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo-EvKnMriU

Resources on Fishing Long Island

Letters to Mac by Tom McCoy

letters to mac


Preston Jennings fly fishing book

Preston Jennings



Videos Noted in the Show

Connetquot River State Park – A Fly Fishing Tour:


Gil Bergen and the South Side Sportsman Club:


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below:

fishing long island

Fishing Long Island Conclusion with Tom McCoy

Tom McCoy shared his experience on fishing Long Island and a number of books he has written in the area.  We also dig into a few of the big names in the NE including the great Art Flick who influenced many around the country.