Pete Tyjas, the editor of Fly Culture Magazine, is on to share a perspective on fishing UK chalk streams, dry flies, euro nymphing and more.  We find out how Pete is fishing for Atlantic Salmon now that he has put in some time for steelhead.

We also hear about how he put together Fly Culture Magazine and why it’s growing in the US.  Find out what the #1 four pieces of tackle were as noted in Fly Culture.


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Show Notes with Pete Tyjas

04:18 – The Pursuit of Wild Trout was a book that started it all for Pete.

12:30 – The Fly Fishing and Tying Journal is our current sponsor.

18:15 – Taw River is the home waters for Pete.

20:55 – The Complete Fisherman by Patagonia.

22:10 – Here are a few of the past Euro Nymphing episodes from past guests we’ve had on the podcast.

26:27 – Pete notes a Perdigon and how it was his goto pattern prior to going back to the pheasant tail.

42:30 – Vision Waders, a Patagonia Pack were a couple of Pete’s favorites.

45:20 – The Patagonia Waders and Orvis Two Handed Rods were both reviewed on the Fly Culture Website.

46:00 – The Sage Dart Video

47:20 – The founder of Buzzsprout was on the Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast.  This is the show where I help fly fishing brands grow their online presence.


1:03:28 – Trout and Salmon and Fly Fishing and Fly Tying are two big UK magazines.

1:04:30 – Andy Buckley has a great Youtube Channel.  Here’s a link to Andy’s Beginners Guide to Euro Nymphing.

1:06:15 – The Lady Caroline

1:11:15 – Klaus Frimor was on here who works for Loop and is the big player in Europe.


You can Find Pete at Fly Culture Magazine here.


Videos Noted in the Show

How to tie Perdigon


Beginners Guide to Euro Nymphing


The Complete Fisherman by Patagonia




pete tyjas

Conclusion with Pete

Pete Tyjas shares some tips fishing euro nympnhs and talks about how he breaks down and fishes the water in his home area.  We also find out about the Fly Culture Podcast and what Pete’s doing to increase the awareness of his magazine.