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upper peninsula fishing

Great Lakes Dude #10 | Fly Fishing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with Capt. Brad Petzke...

In this episode of the Great Lakes Dude podcast, we're gonna chit-chat and take a journey into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with Capt. Brad Petzke, owner of Rivers North Guide Service. Yes, it's still Michigan. Once you cross that big, long Mackinac bridge and head north from the Lower Peninsula, it almost seems like another state. Once you cross it, things start to get a little more wilderness, a lot less towns and cities and villages, and just a lot of water and opportunities to explore.
fly rod and line

Finding the Perfect Fly Rod and Line Combo (Part 2) with Jeff Liskay –...

In the first installment, Jeff Liskay masterfully explored the world of rods and floating lines. Now, prepare to plunge into the depths with our...
rod and line

Finding the Perfect Fly Rod and Line Combo (Part 1) with Jeff Liskay –...

Are you tired of not having the right line matched to your fishing rod? In this episode, Jeff Liskay, the Great Lakes dude, breaks...
cuyahoga river

GLD #7 – Cuyahoga River with Mike Durkalec – Great Lakes Dude Podcast with...

Embark on a journey of environmental triumph and angling adventure as we explore the Cuyahoga River's spectacular comeback, guided by the expertise of Mike Durkalec, aquatic biologist and fishing report hero. Discover how this once fiery river became a success story of ecological restoration, propelling forward thanks to the Clean Water Act and concerted community efforts. Dive into our discussion about the significance of dam removals, and witness the river's rebirth through improved water quality, enhanced biodiversity, and the return of thriving aquatic life.
skinny water

Great Lakes Dude #4 – Skinny Water Fishing with Dave Hurley – Drum Fish,...

In today's episode, the Dude Jeff Liskay chats with one of the best shallow-water fly anglers, Dave Hurley.
Great Lakes fly fishing

A Roadmap to Great Lakes Steelhead Fishing (Part 2) – Great Lakes Fly Fishing...

Get ready to catch the big one as we jump back into Great Lakes fly fishing today. We know how much you love this, so we're serving up another dose of steelhead wisdom and adventure from the Great Lakes Dude, Jeff Liskay.

The Great Lakes Dude Podcast with Jeff Liskay

GLD #8 with Jeff Liskay - Finding the Perfect Fly Rod and Line Combo (Part 1) Listen to Great Lakes Dude #8 Here   GLD #7 with...
great lakes steelhead

Great Lakes Dude #2 with Jeff Liskay – A Roadmap to Great Lakes Steelhead...

Our main man, Jeff Liskay, is going to take a deep dive into how to build a roadmap to success when chasing Great Lakes steelhead and salmon.
Jeff Liskay

Great Lakes Dude #1 with Jeff Liskay – Steelhead, Walleye, Lake Erie, Fly Fishing

Jeff Liskay is going to take us around the Great Lakes today. You'll get the history of all the lakes, where to fish, and a heads up on this new podcast all in 20 minutes' time for the Great Lakes.
spey casting

WFS 362 – Spey Casting Techniques with Jeff Liskay – Great Lakes Steelhead School

Jeff Liskay is back on the show to break down steelhead and spey fishing and spey casting with a focus on Steelhead Alley area of the Great Lakes.
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