I talked to Hal Gordon, the chair of the NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo.  He talks about the history of the show and how it has grown into the larges tying event in the western United States.

Hal shares some great fly tying tips, talks about the history of Atlantic Salmon flies and sheds light and where to find and get good deals on fly tying materials.


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Show Notes with Hal Gordon

06:38 – John Shewey Interview – John was a founding member of the Fly Tyer Expo

07:25 – The Federation of Fly Fishers (now the Fly Fishers International) is the mother group who has supported the expo from the beginning

18:20 – The Atlantic Salmon Fly Tyers Guild in Seattle is one place to find exotic and hard to find materials

24:10 – The Ak Best was a famous fly tyer who talked about tying 100 dozen as a good marker

25:06 – The first 20 hours – How to learn anything

28:40 – Find fly tying materials on Ebay here

33:00 – River City Fly Shop is Hal’s local fly shop in Oregon

34:40 – The history of Herter’s Catalog is noted in this article

38:54 – The podcast interview with Jay Nicholas 

41:35 – The Tyrant fly pattern – share an image in the comments if you have one

44:30 – Portland Fly Tyers Rendezvous, Ellinsburg show, Boise show, Idaho falls show, and Redding show – Here’s a link to the list of shows for 2018


46:00 – The fly tyers Conclave

47:35 – Some videos that you can purchase through the fly tyers expo

53:00 – Scott Mcgarva interview on the fly fishing show

59:20 – Wyoming’s Cutt Slam Program is one example around the country

1:00:00 – Royal Treatment Fly Shop

1:01:49 – The 300 species guy – Jeff Currier has caught over 300 species


You can find Hal by going to NWExpo.com if you have any questions.


hal gordon


I wanted to give Hal a big thanks for coming on the show to share his fly tying knowledge.  Lot’s of great information shared in this one to help improve your fly tying game.

If you want to get your fill of fly tying knowledge this was the interview for you.  Are you going to the show or do you have a meetup in your area?  Share it in the show notes below.

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