As the seasons change, it’s essential to prioritize your well-being and stay healthy. And who better to guide you than Cody Wood? With years of experience and a passion for all things wellness, Cody is here to share his top tips to stay healthy and ensure you have a thriving season ahead.

From simple lifestyle adjustments to nourishing nutrition advice, Cody’s expertise will empower you to make positive changes and take charge of your health. Whether you’re looking to boost your immunity, maintain an active lifestyle, or find balance amidst the chaos, Cody’s got you covered.

Get ready to embark on a journey of wellness with Cody Wood as your trusted companion. Discover practical tips, actionable strategies, and expert insights to help you navigate the season feeling vibrant, energized, and at your best. Let’s unlock a healthier you together!


Top Tips to Stay Healthy with Cody Wood. Hit play below!

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Tips to Stay Healthy
Tips to Stay Healthy

Top Tips to Stay Healthy Show Notes with Cody Wood

2:48 – Cody shared his introduction to fly fishing with a co-worker in the restaurant industry in Oklahoma City, and it all started with a fly rod and fishing in small lakes and private areas.

3:43 – Cody worked for 6 years as a therapist, and what he has learned about it through his own understanding and others he has met is the influence it has on a positive livelihood.

4:42 – Cody has a 12-foot kayak named Jackson Kilroy, and he thinks Stillwater fishing’s quickly becoming more of his favorite thing to do just for the serenity. He also loves a good hike along the creek. and he loves to fish in running water, spinning all day, floating around. Whether that’s dragging a leach pattern, just trolling, or actually standing up and casting those, he thinks these are his most fruitful days.

Pain Free Outdoors Kayak
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5:41 – We talked about how he loves Stillwater compared to the fresh water in the streams. And it’s because he’s equipped to do it. He’s uniquely equipped with the boat. He can get into some areas that others can’t. You know, you can throw a bunch of gear in his boat that he wouldn’t be able to take with him when he was hiking. So he kind of has his own little space, and that’s what’s most appealing to him as he gets older just having all the belongings.

7:08 – Cody grew up in Southwest Oklahoma. Lake Reka. And his mom was actually the one who taught him to fish.

11:26 – Cody is now actually in Utah. His in Spanish Fork. He moved down there in August. He moved away from Montana in April. He went to Arizona to pursue business and then he ended up in Utah in August.

12:35 – Cody shared that, being in Oklahoma, Yellowstone Park is to the north, and that has been his magnetic north all his life. When he moves there, he struggles with the fact that, where he is, he instinctively thinks that his north is south, like towards the park. So, for him, it’s like a magnetic pole. There’s a lot of it; it’s a very unique place there.

Tips to Stay Healthy
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13:44 – Cody is in Utah County, and he’s excited to explore some of these places this summer. He looked at it, and there were some lakes and some things that he was excited to get on the boat. And there was one place they had a Tiger muskie; that was something he never caught. And of course, the Tiger Trout, which he knew was a hybrid, It was a sterile fish, but it was something he had never touched. So he’s excited to aim for those and then see where life takes him this summer.

14:50 – We talked about his corporate stuff Pain-Free Outdoors, which started for him as a way to serve active individuals. People like him. People who don’t want to go to a clinic or spend time in a gym just have to do it at home or on the road if they live an active lifestyle. Where he is, serving teams, organizations, and groups that have the same approach to physical modalities that he takes. Whereas Life Sync requires a more nutritional and physical approach. So being pain-free on the outside is just the physical side of it, although I touch on the basics of nutrition for people who need it. But for most, it’s decompression work.

Tips to Stay Healthy
Pain-Free Outdoors



16:27 – Cody shares why he created Pain-Free Outdoors because if we look at our modern lifestyle, it all goes to the pain-free outdoors, which is what we were made for. We were made to run barefoot, catch things, hunt, Fish, and be alone. Farming and longevity are the biggest pieces of the puzzle that many people have lost because of their lifestyle and because of things that have become cultural norms. So connecting those two dots is why he created Pain-Free Outdoors.

17:45 – We talked about some things that a person can do today or this week to be more active. The Big piece of the puzzle for Cody is body shape recognition. The ability to see it and say, Okay, I’m in good shape versus bad form. So, that awareness is always the biggest part for him when teaching because all the training he gives is based on that shape.

20:15 – Cody mentioned that a lot of people are going to see it as yoga, but my approach is based on resting patterns and activity patterns and then learning to flow between those two and understanding that you’re just ingraining that innate pattern. So you’re looking at creating a habit versus creating a movement flow. So, if you’re practicing yoga, this would appeal to your practice, your personal practice, because it’d give you a map to show how yoga practice should look versus the days that you don’t get back on the ground and don’t do your movement flows.

22:11 – Cody shared that if you’re putting your body in that position, there’s a word called somatics, which is your mind’s control of movement, health, and feeling. And that somatic position, those postures of sitting in a chair, wear on you, and the brain wears down, the body wears down, according to people that have to sit throughout a day by occupation. It’s very important. They understand how to actively decompress that spine, which is a big piece of his protocol in decompression routines.



23:35 – Cody is a Coach, he provide benefit to individuals. A Mentor to world-class trainers and athletes, he has instructed over 250 Student and Veteran Coaches. His expertise allows him to serve a wide range of clients. Here’s more about Cody and Pain-Free Outdoors

Tips to Stay Healthy
Tips to Stay Healthy


26:22 – Cody shares his 5 and 10-minute flows. That 10-minute flow taught a mother and two boys. So he’s teaching an audience that’s new to it, and in that 10-minute flow, it’s a lot of ground, but that’s the 10 minutes he does before the activity. Those flows are different. There’s a five-minute flow; you’ll see it’s kind of an accelerated version of that process. And then there are individual videos that go through each exercise. Each of those is specific to an ailment, and the flow is useful to obtain circulating body fluid, synovial fluid, and blood flow.



32:38 – 3 Things about how to be more active

  • Awareness, being aware of your shape
  • Resting Patterns, being aware of your resting patterns
  • Decompression, being aware of your active decompression

34:56 – Cody mentioned a big reason he stopped practicing under the medical model was because of some of the restrictions that he has to follow with a therapy license. As an occupational therapist, you’re not allowed to treat the ankles in the hips.

38:04 – Cody shared about Corporate stuff: they have Presentations and full-blown wellness services. Like they’re fitting a wellness provider, they’re putting them on site, educating them, and training them. It’s one of their own now as they grow, and they look forward to having businesses they want to promote from within because they have the ability, he said because he and three other providers that are a part of them all came together. They create a training method for someone to understand how to perform it and implement it in the workplace.

39:30 – We discussed age groups and how Cody convinced his 20-year-old self to seek help before falling on his back and playing pickup basketball. And an athlete understands that he can optimize your movement and make you perform at a higher level. He also mentioned Simone Biles: She moves; her body moves the way she shows. She is one of the models he uses because she keeps the pattern of the way she steps and leaves her foot off the ground. Watch this Floor Exercise by Simone Biles.

Tips to Stay Healthy
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41:29 – We talked about nutrition. Cody shared that their approach to that is to huddle and find a way to drink water. Get a pure hydrating fluid. There are several products they recommend for removing fluoride because it improves hydration.

43:34 – Cody discussed that the proper way to be hydrated is to drink water. The easy way is with a water bottle; just have a water bottle right next to you.

44:20 – Cody shared that now fasting is a good thing. If you gonna intentionally pursue that for your health, it allows the body to reset. He also mentioned the great book out there by, Michael Easter called The Comfort Crisis and he kind of dives into this, that feeling of hunger.

You can read more here.

Tips to be Healthy
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47:21 – Cody believes that drinking one glass of wine a day is healthy, but he believes it should be in small amounts; everybody knows there’s a fine line in moderation. If you’re doing it socially, if you’re having a glass of wine for your health, and it allows you to have a good evening with your significant other, then he’s all for it. That’s the kind of coach he is. Cody worked at a wine bar for a long time, and he really enjoyed it.

48:42 – Soul food and mindfulness are essential aspects of personal growth and spiritual development. Like gratitude and prayer, spirituality is different in different cultures. Understanding a client’s belief system is crucial for effective coaching. Instead of changing their belief system, it is important to work with them and help them set goals. Mindfulness involves practicing gratitude and prayer, while mindfulness involves tracking progress and starting a journal. Being grateful for the simple things in life.

Tips to Stay Healthy
Tips to Stay Healthy


51:00 – Cody emphasizes the benefits of outdoor activities, such as hiking and fly fishing, as they provide a spiritual component. Fishing provides a connection and a zen experience, and the opportunity to catch a fish is a personal spiritual pillar. Many people view fishing as a spiritual activity, even if they don’t identify with a religion. However, it’s important to recognize that fishing is not just about spirituality; it can also be a religious practice.

51:41 – Cody shared that Religion is not just about reconnecting with thoughts and feelings, but also about connecting with people from the past. Research suggests that we can speak to people who are no longer present and that people don’t die until they stop being spoken about. This spiritual belief allows people to live for generations and is a powerful tool for healing and connection.

53:55 – Cody also shared learning about other cultures and their mental pillars through Jocko’s approach, which strengthens individuals mentally and physically. Listening to Jocko can help you overcome obstacles and become a mentally stronger person.


You can also check out their Podcast here.


55:01 – We talked about Jocko’s podcast, Episode 375, which features an interview with an ex-marine, highlighting the power of discipline. The interviewee, a Marine, shares their experiences with a former Navy member, highlighting the importance of discipline in their lives. The power of this experience is evident in the interviewee’s discipline, which is a powerful aspect of their life. Discipline is often a struggle for many people, but it is essential for maintaining a strong and disciplined lifestyle.

375: There Will Be Ups and Downs, Wins and Losses. Do Your Best. With Force Recon Marine, Chad Robichaux


55:50 – Cody shared that his dad was an Air Force vet. He grew up in a home with discipline. He had a checklist on the wall. He had to do those things every day, or there was no fun to be had. As he gets older, he thinks that was a great tool. They understood that because both parents are also occupational therapists, that is a skill that he learns. Tracking sheets, giving someone visual feedback. It feels good to check that box.

57:53 – Cody shared his Top 5 Tips for staying healthy.

  1. Hydrate
  2. Modify your environment
  3. Decompress
  4. Daily Routine
  5. Track It


59:40 – Cody ensures a successful day by scheduling and preparing things the day before. This will prevent confusion and ensure that you have a clear plan in place. It is important to write down your plans and plan accordingly.

1:02:27 – Cody is open to consulting and guiding others toward their goals. However, if they are unsure of their intentions, he may not be the best coach for them. Instead, he aims to guide them and help them stay on the path. Jocko can be a valuable resource for those who need to be yelled at or hailed. Cody has experience yelling at athletes and group classes, but he prefers to be a more supportive and encouraging coach.

1:03:49 – Cody recommends reading Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, an old book on subconscious and mental pillars, as a valuable resource.

You can read more here or

Tips to Stay Healthy
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You can Watch it here

1:04:07 – Cody discussed understanding the mind and self-talk, emphasizing that one’s self-presentation is a reflection of their self-view. This defensive mechanism can lead to situations where one is put in a certain situation. He praised Frosty Hesson’s book Making Mavericks, which inspired him to become a therapist and a coach. The book serves as a valuable guide for understanding the brain’s defensive mechanisms.

You can read more here

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1:04:50 – Cody shares his routine, which involves writing about his clients and learning from them. He also includes mantras and sticky notes on his door, which he uses as a reminder when he leaves. These helpful habits have been the most influential part of Cody’s life, as they have helped him navigate his life and maintain a positive outlook.

You can find Cody Wood here Pain Free Outdoors


Tips to Stay Healthy
Tips to Stay Healthy



Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy Resources Noted in the Show

  1. Hydrate
  2. Modify your environment
  3. Decompress
  4. Daily Routine
  5. Track It

Top Tips to Stay Healthy Videos Noted in the Show

A 10-minute flow, it’s a lot of ground but that’s the 10 minutes he does before the activity. Those flows are different.

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Tips to Stay Healthy
Tips to Stay Healthy

Top Tips to Stay Healthy Conclusion with Cody Wood

Cody emphasizes the importance of intentional health and awareness. A free health consultation can help individuals schedule a conversation, either for free or for a donation. If unable to afford it, the consultation is free, and those who truly need it are not turned away.

Cody also mentioned other resources, such as books and videos. One resource that could help people dig deeper into the topics discussed is a video program. This is a DIY reference video library for exercises after a program and has been successful with people watching it. If something doesn’t feel right, he can be reached for assistance. The program offers numerous benefits, but if something doesn’t feel right, he is always available to help.

Cody is attending a wellness fair in Spanish Fork, where they plan to connect with other providers in their community and learn about independent wellness providers. They have attended events in the past and are excited to attend the fair. They are interested in finding a gym that sells crystals and herbs, as well as nutrition services. Their goal is to obtain a contract to instruct businesses on how to improve employee health and then pay these providers for their employees’ health. And they also need to connect with people in their area to ensure their backyard is taken care of during their work.

Cody appreciates the platform and looks forward to hearing from us again.