Today’s guest is someone I’ve been eagerly trying to get on the podcast for a while, and now it’s finally happening! Kate Crump is here to talk about fishing Bristol Bay and what it’s like to run an Alaskan lodge.

We’ll also learn about the art of swinging flies for King Salmon and discover what makes this place a haven for crazy-sized fish, including rainbows. Did I mention we’ll even get a sneak peek into their steelhead operation in the lower 48? This is going to be one wild ride!

Fishing Bristol Bay with Kate Crump. Hit play below!


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Fishing Bristol Bay

Fishing Bristol Bay Show Notes with Kate Crump

03:20 – Kate and Justin have been in Alaska since April to prepare for this season. We hear about the different projects they’re working on with the help of their friends and family before they open on June 17 with their first group of guests.

08:12 – Kate and Justin worked as guides for a number of years before they decided to have their own lodge. The Lodge at 58 North operated as a DIY property before, so the Crumps rallied their families and friends to assist them with the major remodeling of the place.

12:45 – The Naknek River is their home water, but they also fly to locations like Katmai National Park, Nushagak River, and Becharof National Wildlife Refuge, using their float plane, a de Havilland Beaver.

13:04 – Kate also dreams of flying their float plane. This reminds me of an episode featuring Tim Rawlins of LineSpeedJedi, who shared his experience flying a float plane in Alaska.

fishing Bristol Bay

Different Species at Bristol Bay


15:41 – According to Kate, Bristol Bay is the greatest swung fly fishery for rainbows in the world. But they also have people coming up in June specifically for King salmon because the Nushagak is home to the largest runs of King Salmon.


19:41 – Kate tells us what makes Bristol Bay so special compared to other fishing locations in Alaska. We also hear about the management practices for sockeye salmon in their area.

fishing Bristol Bay

25:47 – Kate describes the diverse fishing experiences available at their lodge. They are a small operation that accommodates a single group of eight guests or two groups of four. This setup allows for a personalized and intimate experience for each fishing trip.

34:00 – Kate walks us through the different seasons up there. Additionally, we delve into whether they have plans to make Alaska their permanent home in the future.

fishing Bristol Bay

42:23 – We talk about fishing for King Salmon and the important regulations in place to protect them.

49:58 – Kate shares insights about the rainbows in their area and discusses the perfect rod for targeting them. We also delve into the incredible abundance of sockeye salmon up there.

fishing Bristol Bay

The Crumps in Oregon’s North Coast


58:22 – Kate shares a glimpse into their steelhead operation in the lower 48 and how it differs from their guiding experiences in Alaska.

1:00:54 – Kate says she is the only female fishing guide on the north coast. She opens up about the barriers she encountered and her mentor, Nancy Morris Lyon, the first female fishing guide in Bristol Bay.

1:13:32 – Kate loves hiking into small streams and fishing for rainbow trout in June and July. Her go-to mouse pattern is RIO’s Pip Squeak.

1:16:00 – Kate enjoys listening to music while flying around on their float plane or when she’s out on a boat.

1:18:13 – Kate always makes sure to have her sunglasses and rain jacket with her when venturing into the backcountry, and she recalls a time when she forgot her rain jacket and vowed never to make that mistake again. As a Patagonia ambassador, she highly recommends their Swiftcurrent rain jacket.

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The Lodge at 58* North

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

fishing Bristol Bay

Fishing Bristol Bay Conclusion with Kate Crump

Well, that was one epic fishing journey with Kate Crump in Bristol Bay! We got a taste of what makes this place so special.