Ed Few, a distinguished craftsman of custom bamboo fly rods, shares his extraordinary journey from traditional boatmaking in England to mastering the art of fly fishing with hand-built gear. Delving into the essence of fly fishing's heritage, Ed brings to life the thrill of using bamboo rods, silk lines, and horsehair leaders, all while chasing steelhead in the Great Lakes. Listeners will be transported back in time, learning not just about the meticulous process of creating these traditional tools, but also how they can elevate their own fishing experiences. Ed's stories of craftsmanship, passion, and the pursuit of the perfect catch with historic gear promise to inspire and ignite a curiosity for the timeless art of fly fishing.
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In this episode, learn more about Mayfly Outdoors with Jeff Wagner! Show Notes with Jeff Wagner on Mayfly Outdoors. Hit play below! 👇🏻 Find the show:  iTunes | Stitcher | Overcast Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe via RSS (Read the Full Transcript at the bottom of this Blog Post)   Sponsors and Podcast Updates Episode Chapters with Jeff Wagner on Mayfly Outdoors (0:00:05) - Fly Fishing and Mayfly Outdoors Growing up in...
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Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/458 Sponsors: Waters West, Country Financial, Ranger Chota, Togens
Fly Fishing Pressured Waters
What do you do when your favorite spot is packed with other anglers or when you're navigating crowded rivers all day? Today we uncover expert tips on fly fishing pressured waters from Nick Conklin of Temple Fork Outfitters. Learn about choosing the perfect rod for your next adventure and find out why local shows are game-changers and the secrets behind...
In this video I quickly show you how to purchase Echo Full Spey 13' 8 wt. fly rod which is the winter steelhead spey rod I recommend for those interested in winter steelhead fly fishing. This rod is perfect for large rivers and if you are casting heavy flies and heavy lines.  Plenty of backbone and power to do what...
  Find the show:  itunes | stitcher | overcast Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe on Google Podcasts Subscribe via RSS Sponsors and Podcast Updates Show Notes with Proof Fly Fishing 01:45 - RodBuildingForum.com was the first big resource that helped Matt get into fly fishing. 08:00 - Reverse half wells and cigars are two types of corks handles you can use. 12:26 - You can watch a  
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