Editor of the FlyFish Journal, Steve Duda is on the podcast today to talk about how he became the editor of a unique fly fishing magazine, his passion for banjo and punk rock and why it’s all about the experience for him.

We talk about the Burning Pram Party, the Swallow Story, woman in fly fishing, conservation and politics.  We pretty much cover it all and is now a pleasure to share this one with you.


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Show Notes with Steve Duda

08:20 – Jay Nicholas was on the podcast in episode 3 and talked about fly fishing for chinook salmon in the estuary and how he doesn’t recommend starting with salmon.

15:10 – Steve plays banjo in a punk rock band, know as the South Sound Tug and Barge.  Here’s a clip from a show.

22:42 – I note that April Vokey was on the podcast in episode 30, here’s a link to my podcast with April Vokey.  We talk about how amazing it is to see a new woman’s movement in fly fishing.

24:55 – The FlyFish Journal publishes a conservation piece in every edition of the magazine.

25:35 – The swallow story that Steve reads on the Fly Tapes Podcast.  You can listen to Steve’s reading on the Fly Tapes Podcast here (starts at 48:00 in).

28:27 – The Babine River fish story that I noted as told on the Tell Tale Fisherman at this link.

30:25 – I interviewed Tim Rawlins, the Line Speed Jedi in episode 27 here.

33:10 – Steve was the editor of the Boise Weekly, and has written for Rolling Stone, the Huffington Post and has interviewed bands and connected with other musicians.

34:14 – South Sound Tug and Barge is Steve’s 3 piece folk and punk band where he tours throughout the year.

40:40 – Jay Johnson notes the biggest difference between a good nympher and a great nympher is another piece of weight.

41:56 – John Gierach, Sparse Grey Hackle, Mary Oliver, Jim Harrison were other writers that influenced Steve.


42:53 – Trout Bum is one of the big fly fishing books that really grabbed Steve.  John Gierach just sent Steve an article for the 10th anniversary.

46:44 – The Burning Pram on the Yakima River in October is a great desert party and something I hope to attend this year.  This also includes the all breed dog race for a chance at glory.

49:02 – The best flies when fishing rainbows for Steve is a quigley cripple off of the back of a caddis, and the beadhead pheasant tail.

50:20 – Episode 39 of the podcast is all about Tenkara and is one technique that is a little controversial within fly fishing.

54:05 – I noted Fly Fish TV old timer Gene Hering, who I interviewed in episode 23 here.

59:20 – Oman GT’s is in a new episode of the Journal.

1:03:18 – Steve will be focusing on their vimeo channel which you can find here.


You can reach Steve at Steveduda@TheFlyFishJournal.com or Instagram here or at the South Sound Tug and Barge where he plays punk-folk music.


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Conclusion with Steve Duda

I want to give a big Thank You to Steve for coming on the show and sharing his perspective on fly fishing.  The the Burning Pram to punk rock to swallows, Steve takes us into the mind of someone who has made a career out of writing.

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