Steve Wilson from Sweetwater Travel breaks down the fly fishing guide school he runs and sheds some light on fishing Mongolia for Taimen.  We hear about the school in Montana and a day in the life of a new student at the guide school.

Find out why Taimen numbers are going down and how fisherman have had an impact on this fishery.  We hear about the best drift boats Steve uses and what you can do to connect with Steve and the gang.


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Show Notes with Steve Wilson

16:46 – In Mongolia, the Eg River is where the Taimen fishing trips began for Sweetwater.  A quick breakdown on Taimen here.

21:20 – You can book your Taimen trip through Sweetwater here.

23:50 – Jim Klug was on the podcast in episode 87 and talked about how he started Yellow Dog in Belize First.

35:00 – Dan Vermillion is one of the owners and the guy who took President Obama fishing.

35:30 – Ron Meek is taking a break from the guide school and has guided the world.  I couldn’t find a link to Ron so leave a comment at the bottom of this post if you have some info for Ron.

47:00 – The April Vokey podcast covered a 3 part guide process similar to what Sweetwater covers.  So you Want to be a Fishing Guide here.

49:30 – The Cyclopse is the best streamer for Taimen.  Pat Cohen’s buck tail streamer   and The Man Bear Pig Fly is a classic Cohen pattern

55:10 – We talk about Jako Lucas who I had on the podcast in episode 68 here.

56:15 – Jako and his Redfishing pics.  You can find him on instagram and is one of the hardest working people in show business, I mean fly fishing.

57:25 – The Clackamax is the drift boats they use on the river.  This is the 18 foot Clackacraft boat.

58:36 – Ro Drift Boats are out of Montana.


1:02:00 – Steve followed Dave Mathews around the country.

1:05:30 – Oliver White and Jako Lucas have started a guide school as well.


You can find Steve at


Resources Noted in the Show

The Big Eat – Jako Lucas and Taimen


Videos Noted in the Show

How Pat Cohen ties the Man Bear Pig Pattern


Dave Mathews Band – Ants Go Marching



steve wilson

Conclusion with Steve Wilson and the Fly Fishing Guide School

Steve Wilson shares the story of Sweetwater Travel and tells you how to take your first step to becoming a fly fishing guide through the fly fishing guide school.  We get into a little on Taimen, flies to use and what it takes to put this Mongolia trip together.