brian chan and phil rowley
Today we're with the two Stillwater Legends, Phil Rowley and Brian Chan as we dive deep into the Stillwater world!
Fly Fishing Henry's Lake
Phil Rowley joins us today to share his wealth of knowledge on Stillwater, this time zeroing in on the art of fly fishing Henry's Lake. We're gearing up for an exciting event where a lucky winner will snag a trip to this area, along with a handpicked selection of top-tier gear.
forged fly fishing
Richard Wilby, the man behind Forged Fly Fishing, shares his journey of creating a fly reel company and a fishing gear company simultaneously. He shares his lineup of reels, what it's like living in Merritt BC, and the rich stillwaters of the area around this part of the world. We also find out which is the perfect stillwater reel. Forged Fly...
bass on the fly
Today, we're diving into an epic episode where we explore the incredible adventures of Mark, a passionate fly fisherman and kayak lover, and the meaningful impact he has on veterans' lives. We'll uncover a surprising family connection between Mark's stepfather and my dad.
stillwater fishing
Darren Huntsman, a seasoned angler and expert in Stillwater fishing, shares his valuable tips and expertise in fishing the Henry's Lake area. This episode is a must-listen for fishing enthusiasts of all levels as we get ready for our exciting event where we will give away a fantastic fly fishing trip and a collection of top-notch gear specifically designed...
Mystic Outdoors Jeff Brady
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